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    Jordan0361 reacted to AnimeHaxor's resource xF1 Add-on brivium - User Profile Cover with Like Like.
    INFORMATION: This addon allows set a Cover Image on profile page like Facebook. FEATURES: - Allow users upload a Cover Image on profile...
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    Jordan0361 reacted to your resource xF1 Add-on XenStaff with Like Like.
    XenStaff will display a list of members belonging to selected groups, with a few additional options that provide flexibility as to how...
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    Jordan0361 reacted to AnimeHaxor's resource xF1 Add-on TaigaChat - AJAX Shoutbox with Like Like.
    See also: NulledTeam + TaigaChat Pro - vastly improved (and supported!) compared to this free version. Features: Animated AJAX...
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    Jordan0361 reacted to Admin's resource xF1 Add-on [8WR] XenPorta (Portal) with Like Like.
    I think the only "must have" XenForo is really missing right now is a Splash Portal. Pretty much every website out there has one...