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[8WR] XenRio (Streams) PRO

xF1 Add-on [8WR] XenRio (Streams) PRO 1.2.5

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What is XenRio?
XenRio is a live streaming browser and front-end. It periodically scrapes various APIs in order to keep your users informed of the currently live broadcasts relevant to your community. It allows you to set up various types of restrictions to cater directly to your community.

  • Periodically scrapes supported platforms for a list of live streams.
  • Embeds live streams directly into your forum to prevent bouncing.
  • Auto updates channel status, categories, thumbnails and viewer counts.
  • Ability to set games/categories into sorted lists of parent categories.
  • Adds a [stream] BBcode so users can embed streams directly in threads and posts.

    BBcode can be used as follows:

Assuming the stream is an approved channel with a channel id of "1", it will embed both the stream AND the chatroom for that stream into a post.


  • This is the secondary embed code which allows users to embed channels which have not been "approved". Using the code above, it will embed the channel "8wayrun" using the embed codes for Twitch.TV. However, there will be no embedded chatroom.
Supported Platforms:
  • upload the contents of the attached zip to your XF root
  • install from file on server: "library/EWRrio/addon-EWRrio.xml"
  • set options for the addon in administration control panel
  • set usergroup permissions for various rights
XenPorta Installation:
  • install from file on server: "library/EWRporta/Block/XML/StreamsLive.xml"
Usage Notes:
You will notice that you can "enable/disable" streaming services. Disabling a service DOES NOT completely disable the service, users will still be able to embed channels from that service, as well as submit channels for that service. The "enable/disable" option simply tells the system whether or not you wish to scrape that specific service. Services that do not have scrape support will never be scraped, even if they are set to enabled.​
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