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ACP Extended (ACPE)

xF1 Add-on ACP Extended (ACPE) 1.9.2

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Compatible XF Versions 1.x
1.4, 1.5
This Add-On features numerous enhancements for XenForo and especially the ACP, and which improve manysecurity-related functions, the security of your XenForo.

The following functions provides you the ACP Extended.

ACP -> Home:
  • Current XF version in the header
  • Info bar for a new version of by XenForo, XF Resource Manager and XF Media Gallery
  • Number of Error Logs
  • Info-bar if the admin.php file is not protected
  • Hosting-Info-Box
  • Server Info-Box
  • CHMOD Info-Box for important files
  • Switch debug mode on / off (Debug Mode in the front visible to admins!)
  • XenForo database size
  • Statistics Attachments:
    • Attachment Records
    • Attachment Downloads
    • Attachment Disc Usage
ACP -> Add-ons:
  • List of add-ons sortable
  • List by active and inactive add-ons
ACP -> Error Logs:
  • Error grouped by error types
  • Printable full screen view
  • Error message BCCode formatted, copy into the clipboard
ACP -> Tools:
  • PHP Info page linked
  • DB Tools:
  • DB Tables Overview
  • ·DB SQL-Querys execute (area is password protected)
ACP -> User:
  • Delete Account -> with (all selectable individually)
    • Threads
    • Posts
    • Profile Posts
    • Profile Comments
    • XenForo Media Gallery
    • XenForo Resource Manager
  • Ability to block more e-mail addresses at once
  • With Import/Export function
  • IP deny by .htaccess
ACP -> Template:
  • With Template favorites function
  • Collapsed for more clarity
ACP -> User Group Permissions:
  • Collapsed for more clarity
ACP -> Applications:
  • "Who voted?"

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    Fixed Robots System by NulledTeam
  2. Version 1.9.2

    [add] Supportet PHP Version 5.5.4 [fixed] Several improvements
  3. Version 1.9.1

    [add] alphabetical sorting for Style Properties Permissions Template Mods [add] alphabetical...