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[AddonsLab] Unread Post Count

xF2 Add-on [AddonsLab] Unread Post Count 1.4.2

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Compatible XF Versions 2.x
The add-on shows the number of unread posts on What's New tab. This is the migration of XenForo 1.x add-on "Unread Post Count" by @Chris D and includes all its features. The option to configure the cache timeout is in "Threads, discussions and conversations" options group, as before.

As XenForo 2.x has introduced a new Navigation engine, we have created another add-on - "NulledTeam - [AddonsLab] Navigation Badge", that allows any third-parties and admins to add different badges to any navigation item. The add-on is required for this add-on to work and can be downloaded for free at https://www.nulledteam.com/resources/addonslab-navigation-badge.3774/

Any other navigation tab can show the number of unread posts by configuring it to use a callback for the badge with class name "AL\UnreadPostCount\Callback" and method "getUnreadPostCount". This is the default setup for "What's New" button after add-on installation.

The badge is added using default XenForo 2.x layout/styling, but it can be easily styled for each case using CSS only by using "nav{navigationItemIdHere}" class. For example:
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will make the badge in What's New tab to be on the top-right corner.
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