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Ads Manager 2 by Siropu

xF2 Add-on Ads Manager 2 by Siropu 2.3.9

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Added keyword page replace limit for keyword ads.
Added new Position criteria options:

  • Thread author is/NOT a member of any of the selected user groups
  • Post author is/NOT
  • Post author is/NOT a member of any of the selected user groups
AdBlock detection code has been removed from the core JS file and added in the template to prevent breaking the detection if the main script is blocked.
Added support for SVG images.

Bugs Fixed
Missing phrase.
Affiliate link ads anchor text URL escape issue.
Preventing validation errors for promo threads.
Added a new AdBlock detection option to display a dismissible notice. The notice can be styled via style properties.
Added support for Social Gorups add-on for main content template ad positions.

Bugs Fixed
Ad saving issue when trying to remove XF template syntax from the ad code.
Affiliate ad link issue with adding some parameters.
Added 4 new positions for conversation messages and 50 new predefined dynamic positions. Now there are 150+ positions to choose from. :)

Bugs Fixed
Affiliate link ads not working with "unfurled" urls.
Clone issue with some settings.
Issue with "Sticky any post" add-on on thread positions inside thread post.
This release fixes some compatibility issues with XF 2.1.0

NOTE: This release is for XenForo 2.1.x. Do not try to upgrade to this version if you are running XenForo 2.0.x
IMPORTANT: Please disable add-on or your board before starting the upgrade process.
Added a new option to affiliate link ad type that allows you to replace one or more parameters in affiliate links.
Fixed a bug where extending CPC/CPM ads not working as expected.
Added package/ad option to randomize position display. This is an option that allows you to select multiple positions and display ads randomly in one or more of the selected positions. So for example, you can select 30 positions and choose to display it randomly in only 3 at the same time.

Added new position criteria options:
  • Thread is closed
  • Thread is not closed
  • Thread is sticky
  • Thread is not sticky
Added option to set view/impression and click limit in the package for ACP ads.
Ads Manager 2.3.0 introduces a new ad type called "Promo threads" which allows you to sell threads in the forums you want.

You can allow advertisers to select a custom prefix based on the forum or set a default prefix for all.

You can also allow advertisers to opt in for sticky for an extra fee (optional). You can set a sticky forum limit and a promo thread user limit.

When a promo thread expires, you can set a forum where the thread will be moved automatically.


Added new position criteria option that allows you to target specific thread prefixes in forum list when a user filter threads by prefix.

Added option to set an alt text for banner and text ads.

Now you can edit view/impression count and click count from the ad settings.

Various code improvements.

Bugs Fixed
Upgrade from Ads Manager 1 to Ads Manager 2 issue with keyword, sticky and featured resources.

Tracking iframe clicks not working as expected.

Ad rotation issue on PHP 5.6.

Various code issues, mostly for front-end advertiser section.

NOTE: This release contains important core changes and I recommend to disable the add-on before starting the upgrade process (uploading files, running the upgrade).
Added admin option for custom payment instructions on the invoice pay page.
Added admin option to toggle on/off lazy loading for ad images.

Bugs Fixed
Custom invoice uploads not downloading correctly.
Advertisers not be able to edit own featured resources.
Display priority generating error in certain circumstances.
  • Added ad option to include ads created from ACP in the advertiser list.
  • Added package option to set a limit on how many ads an advertiser can create.
  • Added admin option to display the advertiser section in the user account.
  • Added bank transfer option as a payment profile.
  • Added {match} placeholder support for affiliate link ad option "Replace affiliate website with URL".
  • Free packages will now display "Free (x length)" in package list and ad creation page.
  • Carousel JS and CSS files will only load when there are active carousels.
  • Added ACP option to delete all ads and their invoices.
Bugs fixed
  • Free packages generating 0 cost invoices.
  • Prefix not working with sticky and featured resources ads created from ACP.
  • Core JS script not loading for affiliate and keyword ads.
  • Banner ads not loading with lazy load in the advertiser list.
  • Custom ad order in advertiser list throwing error.
Added support for a new browser in device criteria: Vivaldi
Added admin ad actions for keyword and affiliate link ads as well.

Bugs Fixed
Keyword ads issue when using multiple keywords where they match in other words that contains them.
Ads Manager admin options tabs show in other options as well.
Affiliate ads conflict with keyword ads.
  • Added option to exclude posts of certain user groups from applying keyword and affiliate link ads.
  • Added three widgets:
1. Advertisers - Display the current advertiser list.
2. Featured threads - Display the current sticky threads
3. Featured resources - Display the current featured resources

Each widget has options for limit and order.
You can change the title of the widget from the widget options.
  • Added option to redirect AdBlock users to a custom URL.
  • Added options to set custom selectors for background ads when using custom styles that don't use the same classes as the default style.
Bugs Fixed
  • Advertiser page showing error due to a recent change.
  • Xnumber flag in position criteria not recognizing number 0.