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xF1 Add-on Advanced Member Profile Search 2.0.1f

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Advanced Member Profile Search allows members to search for other members on the Members page by Custom User Field and Location. This addon also allows members to search for other members by Admin-Configurable common interests fields whose entries must separated by comma. This addon is a partial request of Advanced Member Search and a completed request of Profile Page Interest Tags by DRE


Template Modification System.


Upload everything inside the Upload directory to your forum directory.

Install the addon XML file in AdminCP.

To add Profile Interest Tags you must create a Text Custom User Field in the Personal Details section of member's profile pages. For example, in AdminCP go to Users/User Customization/Custom User Fields/Create New Field

- Basic Information Tab -

Field ID: interests
Title: Interests
Description: List all your interests (separate with comma).
Display Location: Personal Details
Display Order: 2
Field Type: Single-line text box.

- General Options Tab -

Check 'User editable'.
Check 'Viewable on profile pages.'
Save Field


On large forums this could cause slow down and it might interfere with MOZ Member List Manager. You can view edits to fix issues that may come up here.
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