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Nulled VB4 [AJAX] Helpful Answers - Allow users to rate individual posts 2.4.2

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Designed to be flexible, HA has over 30 configurable settings:
  • Use image or text ratings AJAX or traditional links.
  • Offer yes/no or scaled 1-10 point ranking.
  • Turn off negative ratings for a positive only system.
  • Decide which forums are open for helpful answer ratings.
  • Audit the system and identify top users and potential abusers.
  • Ban specific members from using the system.
  • Customize the message shown after a post is rated.
  • Show a page with the top helpful posts.
  • Show rating stats on a user's profile.
  • Hide posts that rate "too low"
  • Template driven so you can customize it all for your forum.
For advanced users template conditionals and variables let you further extend the functionality to color highlight good or bad posts, include ratings in user’s profiles and much more.

Modification Installation [Must Read]:

Step 1: Upload the addon files found in the upload/ folder to your forum directory
Step 2: Install the plugin through your vB Administration area
Step 3: Configure settings & enable the mod in individual forums

You must configure settings & enable forums before voting will show up.

Anonymous Stats Tracking (optional):

By default this addon will pass basic rating data (positive or negative) to a 3rd party site for statistical purposes. Only the most basic data is captured (the vote and your site name) and no user information or specific forum details are logged, not even an IP address. You can disable this through the admin.

Mod Philosophy -- Drive Your Own Success:

All of my mods are inspired by my work in digital marketing and are designed to drive registrations, interaction or other engagement activities the core platform does not address.

Each is designed to fit a general need by providing a starting point but it's on you to decide how to make things work to their best possible outcome. Feel free to suggest what you'd like to see next but don't wait to have what everyone else has; figure out what your forum needs and customize away.
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