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[Andrew] Moderator Panel

xF2 Add-on [Andrew] Moderator Panel 1.3.0

No permission to download
  • ADDED: Ability for moderators to discourage users (edit screen)
  • ADDED: Ability for moderators to add users to moderated (edit screen)
  • ADDED: Permission to discourage users
  • ADDED: Permission to discourage protected users
  • ADDED: Permission to moderate users
  • ADDED: Permission to moderate protected users
  • ADDED: Xon Multiple Account Detection to user files
  • ADDED: View profile button to user file
  • ADDED: Moderator sidebar to add warnings page
  • ADDED: XF 2.2 requirement into addon.json
  • FIXED: Posting user notes now loads the user notes page instead of the user file page
  • FIXED: Missing upgrade step to create table for user notes
  • FIXED: Missing user entity entry that caused error when unchecking "Show spam cleaner users on banned users list"
  • ADDED: discouraged users visibility
  • ADDED: view discouraged user permission
  • ADDED:Added rejected user log
  • ADDED: view rejected user log permission
  • ADDED: spam cleaner log
  • ADDED: view spam cleaner log permission
  • ADDED: sidebar to member edit screen
  • CHANGED: "Thread ban list" phrase to "Thread reply bans"
  • REMOVED: an used template
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