[Andrew] Moderator Panel

xF2 Add-on [Andrew] Moderator Panel 1.9.9

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UPDATE: Updated several template modifications to support XF 2.1 - 2.3
UPDATE: Template with conditional for 2.1 to hide options not supported in 2.1
REMOVE: Profile banner from showing on user file to extend support to XF 2.1
FIXED: "View" error message when viewing logs in moderator panel
FIXED: User didn't get updated permission if their account started off needing to be approved.
FIXED: Search user state was named search staff state in permissions
FIXED: Missing drop of andrew_reg_country column on uninstall
FIXED: Missing code in setup caused new column to not be created for new installs on version 1.9.0 and 1.9.1
FIXED: Updated description on protected users in admin panel
ADDED: Update user state to moderator member edit
ADDED: Security lock to moderator member edit
ADDED: Permission to update user state
ADDED: Permission to update security lock
ADDED: Option and support for IP APIs: IpStack.com, VPNAPI.io, FeeIPAPI.com, ProxyCheck.io, and AbstractAPI.io
ADDED: Option IpStack API Key
ADDED: Option ProxyCheck API Key
ADDED: Option AbstractAPI API Key
ADDED: Country, Region, City, Zip, Latitude, Longitude, Continent, isp, organization, flag, and proxy details to IP view
FIXED: Bug where edit and delete user note would not show on mobile
FIXED: Bug where users would be removed from secondary user groups when "Moderated" is left unchecked under user edit. This would occur when moderators attempt to edit users and does not impact admins since user edit is done in the admin panel.
FIXED: Hide "Moderated" under user edit when no moderated user group is selected in the admin panel./
FIXED: Issue where users could not removed from moderation if they were moderated in the admin panel
ADDED: Pagination to the list of user notes in the moderator panel
ADDED: Total number of entries at the bottom of user notes, discouraged users, and moderated users
ADDED: On dashboard added "See More" to recently banned users, recently warned users, and recent user notes
FIXED: Banned user list was repeating page 1 on all pages
FIXED: Discouraged user list was repeating page 1 on all pages
FIXED: Updated finder to improve load time of banned users list (thanks @leftspace89 for the solution)