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Brivium - Delete User's Content

xF1 Add-on Brivium - Delete User's Content 1.1.0

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Compatible XF Versions 1.x
The way it is now, when you delete an user then all that user 's content will remain in the forum under guest name. This mod changes that. Now when you delete a user, all that user 's account, (posts, threads, profile posts&profile comments), will be deleted automatically as well.

You can also delete a user 's contents, (posts, threads, profile posts&profile comments), without deleting that user but only his/her content. To do that, when editing a user, under the Action drop down tab there is a new option added called: Delete Content. Click it and run it.

The user whose content is deleted will be notified via an Alert of that fact.

Note: After deleting the content go to Tools->Rebuild Caches and run Rebuild Thread Information&Rebuild Forum Information.
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