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Brivium - Dislike

xF1 Add-on Brivium - Dislike 1.2.2

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Compatible XF Versions 1.x
1.4, 1.5
Have you ever hated somebody, a content so much and Facebook or other social network cannot satisfy you? This is the add-on for you “Dislike”. As the name of the button, when you dislike something, just put the button “Dislike” to show the owner that you hate it. It’s not necessary to talk too much about this add-on, it will show the Dislike button beside the Like button, and the users will use it like using Like button to display their “negative favorite”.

- Add Dislike button in posts, resources, media, albums, gallery comments, profile posts (Separate permission for each type). Clicking one time means dislike, clicking it again means removing your dislike. Notice: When the user presses the Dislike button, they do not allow to press like and others.
- When there is somebody who dislike posts, resources, media, albums, gallery comments, profile posts, there is an alert sent to the owner of post/status. In the Alert Preferences, admin could allow the users installing this add-on to receive or not those alerts.
- When the user dislike a content of someone, that action will be logged in the News Feed and it will display inside the Recent activity tab in the profile page.
- In the account user of the user, it links to the page displaying all the dislike(s) they received (“Dislikes You've Received”)
- Maximum amount of dislikes in a period of time (Maybe limit by the time between 2 times of pressing Dislike button)
- Automatic choose the removing feature for post, resource, media, album, gallery comment, profile post when the amount of dislikes reaches a fixed number (This number can be set in the Settings).
- Record logs when automatic hide, remove post, resource, media, album, gallery comment, profile post.
- Supported by Credits Premium for trigger dislike actions.

- Allow to dislike a post.
- Allow to dislike a resource.
- Allow to dislike a gallery.
- Allow to dislike a gallery comment.
- Allow to dislike a profile post.
- Allow to remove the dislike of users (This feature allows the moderators when he/she clicks at the dislike list, it will show a popup link including the usernames who had clicked Dislike. Behind each username, there is a button to remove the dislike).
- Allow to dismiss this add-on.
- Allow or not to see the names of people who disliked post, resource, gallery, gallery comment, profile post (For version 2).

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