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xF2 Add-on Calendar 4.9

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Updated andy_calendar.less template code for improved third party style integration. Added default user group permissions during install.
Widget calendar events added to options page. The calendar events widget will now now show events based on upcoming calendar event days.
Fixed issue with grouping of calendar events in the widget.
Now using finder for performing database queries.
Now using finder for performing database queries.
Fixed variable name in options page.
Added "Maximum events" to options page.

Show the number of events if more than 7 events in the thread.
Updated main calendar and events widget templates. Improved prefix and thread title code.
This version is primarily a refactoring of the PHP and template code. Some UI changes have been made such as the month/year selector in the main calendar.

NOTE: This release requies XenForo 2.1.0 or newer.
Added 'Calendar add recurring monthly' to calendar menu.