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Change Content Owner

xF2 Beta Change Content Owner 2.0.0 Release Candidate 3

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  • New: Improved the how content date will be set
  • Changed: Lowered minimum PHP version requirement to 7.1
  • Changed: Updated phrases to match with general inline moderation
  • Changed: Do not allow changing content owner to the current owner
  • Fixed: xf_thread_user_post table not being updated when thread owner is changed
  • Fixed: Use forceSet to set user id when setting user id of a fallback user entity
  • Fixed: When changing profile post comment date, first comment date and last comment date were not compared correctly
  • Fixed: Thread date not being compared correctly when changing post date
  • Fixed: Changing thread owner does not update reactions
  • Fixed: Added missing phrases
  • General code improvements and clean up
  • Changed: Hour drop down when changing content date will now use hour format used in language
  • Fixed: Thread start not being updated (again)
  • Fixed: User will receive "You must change the content owner or the date of this Thread." when editing content
  • Fixed: Post dates can be older than first post date
  • Changed: New date will now be populated with existing content date outside in-line moderation
  • New: Allow changing seconds of the content
  • New: Allow setting more specific time interval when changing time
  • Fixed: First post not being changed when changing thread owner
  • Fixed: Returning invalid date for thread
  • New: Added support for profile post comment
  • New: Ability to change content date
  • Changed: The entire add-on has been rewritten to be more flexible
  • Changed: Minimum PHP version has been increased to 7.3.0
  • Changed: More consistent author vs. owner
  • Fixed: Change author link does not move to the "..." menu in responsive mode
  • TypeError is throw when attempting to change author of content with deleted user
  • Do not allow changing first post author
  • Message count not being updated
  • News feed not being updated
  • Change author would not show for XenForo Media Gallery 2.1+
  • Attempted to get last comment id from the album which does not exist
  • Moved "Change comment author" to the end
  • Added support for removing likes/reactions upon changing the content owner
  • Increased the minimum XF requirement to 2.0.10

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