IPS Chatbox+ 2.8.7 Nulled

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New feature that allows users to exit chat after X minutes.
CSS issues fixed
New option to disable notification from clubs.
Fixed an issue where styles couldn't be changed on Safari.
Fixed an issue where club rooms couldn't be switched.
Fixed CSS issues.
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  • Supports Youtube Shorts URL.
  • Move 'Turn on/off member chat' option to Account Settings.
  • Use database to store user settings instead of cookie.

  • CSS issues.
  • Editor problems.
  • Endless loop when importing from Chatbox FREE.
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Fixed PHP 8 Incompatible (IPS 4.7.3)
Template errors.
JS errors.
Fixed PHP8 incompatible errors.

  • Errors in PHP 8.
  • Broken images.
  • Wrong ago-time.
  • Messy layout when uploading files.
  • Rank point increases on every message.
Compatibility with IPS 4.5