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Classiads - Classified Ads WordPress Theme

WP Classiads - Classified Ads WordPress Theme 5.5.2

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  • Multi Directory System
  • MapBox integration
  • Twilio sms service integration
  • Mobile OTP
  • New custom reset password form

  • New Grid Listing Styles
  • New List view style
  • New Sorting styles
  • Option to select separate style for each listing section
  • Option to show directory based listing
  • Option to create separate single listing page for each directory
  • Typography and styling option for listings
  • Each section have masonry option
  • Each section has featured tag option
  • Custom fields are now available in ultra style, fantro style and zee style as well
  • Option to load more listings on scroll
  • Grid option expended to 6 column for certain styles.
  • Show listings based on locations, categories, radius, pricing plans or content fields.
  • Related listing option on single listing page


  • Typography and styling option for pricing plans
  • New Pricing plan Styles
  • New option to show or hide certain features from pricing plans

  • New archive pages layouts
  • Dynamic menu names according to current page
  • Dynamic page titles on archive pages


  • New category Styles
  • Option to show directory based categories
  • Each category section can have separate design
  • Svg image upload option for categories
  • Typography and styling option for categories
  • category each section can have svg or image or font icons

Search form

  • Option to create separate search form for each directory
  • More flexibility added to search form
  • Typography and styling option for search form
  • Custom styling option for search form in visual composer elements
  • Search form Address + Location + GeoLocation Field
  • Search form ajax scroll to listing option
  • Keyword suggestion option for keyword search
  • default keyword option for keyword field
  • Option to show only keyword field
  • Option to show only category field
  • Option to show keyword + Category in single field
  • Option to set certain categories for search form
  • Option to set category nested level in search upto 3
  • category icons added in search field
  • listing filter added in keyword search
  • Option to show only address field
  • Option to show only locations field
  • Option to show Location + Address in single field
  • Option to set location nested level in search upto 3
  • location icon added in location search field
  • Default address option for address filed in search form
  • Option to set certain locations in search form
  • Option to select certain content fields in search form
  • Option to select certain content fields in advanced search section
  • Option to show field label for default search fields
  • Radius search tooltip option

  • New Location Styles
  • Typography and styling option for locations

Content fields

  • option to show listing count for select, radio and checkbox fields on search form
  • added phone number validation in text string field
  • option to show icon or icon plug label or only label or hide label from grids listings
  • option to hide or show field label on search form
  • option to make custom field block or inline on grid listing
+ Resurva Booking Integration + widget (New)
+ Masonry Layout option for grid style (New)
+ Bidding front-end widget (New)
+ Single listing map in sidebar (New)
+ Listing sidebar widget slider option (New)
+ Custom skin color settings for front-end user panel (New)
+ New review and rating system (New)
+ Option to show map out of tabs at single listing (New)
+ Option to show videos out of tabs at single listing (New)
+ New field group style (New)
+ Option to show checked/unchecked checkbox filed values (New)
+ 0ption to show default/custom icons for checkbox field values (New)
+ Separate address settings for grid/list view and single listing page (New)
+ Custom Notification For new user (New)
+ Email template plugin integration to set your custom email template (New)
+ New settings for single listing slider for ultra layout (New)
+ Decimals on/off option for listing price field (New)
+ Option to change listing status from publish to inactive in user panel (New)
+ Option to add custom listing tag e.g (sold, for rent, available etc) (New)
+ New user panel interface with listing in grid view (New)
+ Author's note to admin in listing setting from user panel (New)
+ New front-end media uploader (New)
+ Vimeo video support (New)
+ Category and location required option (New)
+ Option to turn of tabs on single listing (New)
+ Contact form with form builder (New)
+ Subscription form with form builder (New)
+ Messages filter in user panel inbox(New)
+ Message delete/archive/mark as read/mark as unread option in user-panel inbox(New)

* Improvement in Notification system (Improved)
* Single listing detail page improvements for both layouts (Improved)
* Grid layout improvements on load-more (Improved)
* Search improvements (Improved)
* Translation improvements (Improved)
* Submit listing form improvements (Improved)
* Woocomerce latest version compatibility (Improved)
* Google map improvements (Improved)
* Speed optimization (Improved)
* Subcategory re-design at archive page (Improved)
* Category and location popup improvements (Improved)
* Grid style (zee, ultra, fantro) Re-designed (Improved)

* Revolution slider new version (Updated)
* Visual composer new version (Updated)
* Form builder New version (Updated)
* Social login new version (Updated)
* Custom post plugin (Updated)
* Listing plugin (Updated)

- Address setting issue fixed (Fixed)
- Wrong expiry time fixed (Fixed)
- Author image issue with ssl (Fixed)
- Date change metabox was still available on edit listing page even disabled in settings (Fixed)
+ New version classiads fantro
+ New listing option panel
+ New post style Fantro
+ Zoco Post style converted to classiads pro
+ Solic Post style converted to classiads pro
+ Mint Post style converted to classiads pro
+ Zoco Category style converted to classiads pro
+ MinT Category style converted to classiads pro
+ Solic Category style converted to classiads pro
+ Zoco Location style converted to classiads pro
+ Mint Location style converted to classiads pro
+ New Header Style
+ Header Search Bar
+ Mobile Header
+ App view listings 2 column on mobile
+ New category list Style
+ Now content fields ca be separated in custo, archive and widget search form
+ Phone Number can be remove from front-end by admin
+ Seller Address restriction.
+ Seller website restriction on front-end
+ Seller Social media links restriction
+ Seller public profile restriction
+ Address filed auto complete restriction to a single country
+ Search filed suggestions based on keywords in ad titles
+ Vimeo integration for listing
+ New demo import system
+ Use any of image, svc or font icons for categories

- Performance improvement
- RTL layout improvement
- Ajax search improvement
- Ajax location system on submission improvement
- Load more ajax improved
- Submission and edit listing form layout improvement
- Responsive layout improvement
- Back-end ad submission Layout Re-designed
- Single listing slider improved
- All listing styles improved
- All location styles improved,
- Custom Box wrapper forLocations masonry style
- Category styles improvement
- Category and ad slider improvement
- New tablets and smart phone device detector
- CSV import and export improvement
- bootstrap select box replaced with select2


* Search select box with was not working
* Advanced search always open was not working
* Auto map generation on submit page was not working with address field
* Bell icon was showing red circle even with no notification
* Bookmark disable option was not working
* Parent category auto-select when sub-category selected
* Category background option was not working correctly
* content field text strings styling issue on single listing
* Free level duration string remaind 1 month event selected other values
* Comments Author image was showing only admin profile image
* Listing level was not saving selective category and content fields.
* Listing style5 default doesn’t work
* Location was not preset on edit listing
* Menu (navigation) for logged in was not working
* Messaging system disabled from backend but still shows in the dashboard.
* Messaging system was not working for some users.
* User's other ads on/off option was not working
* Fetal error when suing custom heading element
* Profile edit choose images and save string was not translating
* User panel listings status strings where not translating
* Report abused form strings where not translating
* User type strings where not translating
* Single listing gallery images where not showing correctly on mobile
* Fetal error when search form turned of on archive pages
* Archive layout options where not working correctly
* Ad expiry was not working correctly
* Admin bar was not showing
* User restriction to wp-admin option was not working

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