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Contact Us Essentials

xF1 Add-on Contact Us Essentials 1.3.4

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Compatible XF Versions 1.x
This addon enhances the Contact Us feature of Xenforo by giving admin several essential new options. We've been using it on AVForums.com for years.

It’s based around setting up Recipient Groups. Each recipient group has a title which is the name of the recipients (for example, Forum Admin, Site Feedback, Advertising Team). This is shown in the Contact Us form, and prompts users to choose who to send their enquiry to.

In the admin Home -> Options menu, choose Contact Form and Create New Recipient Group

Then enter the recipient group details.
You can have several recipient groups and their order is determined by the Display Order value.
You can enter several main recipients, carbon copy (CC) recipients and blind carbon copy (BCC) recipients.

You may also choose to create a thread in a chosen forum.
You may also create one additional field in the form for any extra piece of information you may need.

Setting up the Contact Us form
The standard Xenforo Contact Us setup is in the Options -> Basic Board Information page.
Select Custom URL and enter contact-us.

Linking directly to the form
Also, if you wish to link directly to the form with a particular recipient group and subject pre-selected, use a link like this:
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Change the recipient group number (in the above example, it's 2) to whatever recipient group you want. The ID is visible when you mouse-over the group in the list

Enter any subject line you like by changing the text I need product support please in the above example.

Live Example
Contact Us | AVForums

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