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Convert Image All

xF1 Add-on Convert Image All 6.8

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Convert Image All v6.8 changes:

Added code to bypass photobucket hot linked images.
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Convert Image All v6.7 changes:

Updated PHP code. Fixed issue with undefined index.
Convert Image All v6.6 changes:

Fixed problem dealing with attach_count. If the attach_count is incorrectly set to 0 when there are attachments in the post, it can result in inline embedded attachments showing as links instead of an image.
Convert Image All v6.5 changes:

Added code to prevent execution of add-on if database cache is enabled.
Convert Image All v6.4 changes:

Added support to convert blocked photobucket images.
Convert Image All v6.3 changes:

Updated PHP code. Fixed issue with deleting temporary files.
Convert Image All v6.2 changes:

1) Added option to automatically delete temporary image files.

2) Added auto_lock file to prevent Cron Entry from running more than one instance.
Convert Image All v6.1 changes:

Added additional checks to help with troubleshooting.
Convert Image All v6.0 changes:

Updated PHP code.
Convert Image All v5.8 changes:

Please do a complete uninstall of any previous version on Convert Image All before installing this new version.