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xF1 Unmaintained Country Custom Field Made Easy 1.0

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What is this?
Just a simple little modification for those of us who want our users to be able to select what country they are from. This tutorial will save you a fair bit of time when setting it up.

*Note: The country list WILL NOT be maintained and this IS NOT SUPPORTED in any way, shape or form. This is simply a tutorial to make adding countries easier.

The Setup Process
The setup process is pretty straight forward, but make sure you have access to FTP and phpMyAdmin before you get started.
  • Step 1: Setting Up the Flag Sprites
    • Download the attached file "flag-sprites.zip" and upload the "styles" directory into your root XenForo directory.
    • Login to the Admin CP and within the admin search find "Extra.css". Paste the contents of flags.css into that template and save.
  • Step 2: Setting Up the Custom Field
    • Login to the Admin CP and head to "Custom Fields" under the "User" tab.
    • Click on "Create New Field" and enter the following information in.
    • Under "Basic Information" add the following:
      Field ID: country
      Title: Country
      Description: *Anything you want*
      Display Location: Personal Details
      Display Order: 100
      Field Type: Drop Down Selection
    • Under "Options for Choice Fields" add the following:
      Value: test
      Text: Test
    • Under "General Options" do the following:
      Check off any options you want to set for this field.

      In Value Display, add the following:
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    • Save this field.
  • Step 3: Import the Countries via phpMyAdmin
    • Login to phpMyAdmin and find your XenForo database.
    • Insert the SQL code attached in "countries.txt" and run.
    • Check your Country Field to see if the countries have been successfully added.
    • Remove the "Test" option if it is still there.
  • Step 4: Enjoy! Let me know of your success.
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