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VB4 Country Flags - Postbit & Postbit_Legacy 1.0.0

No permission to download

This Add on, gives a selection of Countries that your Member (New or Existing) can choose from in a 'Drop-Down Menu'. The Country he/she selects, will be displayed as a Flag in their Postbit.


Firstly “Upload” ALL the Flag GIF pics to your forum root /images/buttons/flags folder.

IE: yourforumaddress.com/forum/images/buttons/flags

Please Note: Due to the flags folder being too large to upload as one - I have been forced to upload it as "flags1", "flags2" and "flags3" - Please ensure that you add a new folder to "images/buttons/" and name it "flags". Please copy the contents of ALL THREE (3) flags folders in the attachment below to the new 'flags' folder that you have just made. (DO NOT place them as 3 seperate folders!"

Then in your Admin Control Panel (ACP), please do the following:
ACP -> User Profile Fields -> Add New User Profile Field ->Profile Field Type -> Single-Selection Menu (select ‘Single-Selection Menu’ from the Drop-Down Menu) -> Please enter the following into the following fields (REMEMBER to make a note of the FieldID, because you will need to replace ALL the X’s in [fieldX] with it!!!
(Please see 'FieldID.jpg' attachment below).

Add New User Profile Field Single-Selection Menu:

Title = Country Flag
Description = Add your country flag to your profile:
Profile Field Category = (Uncategorized)
Options = Copy & Paste the Whole contents of the file attached below (OPTIONS)
Set Default = None
Display Order = You Select this (dependant on how many you already have)
Field Required = yes, at registration and profile updating
Field Editable by User = Yes
Private Field = No
Field Searchable on Members List = No
Show on Members List = Yes

Optional Input:

Allow user to input their own value for this option = No
Max length of allowed user input = 100
Field Length = 25
Regular Expression = Leave this Blank

Display Page:

Which page displays this option? = Edit Your Details ** Please note that the vB4.0.4 Version does not show this option. Please select "Edit Profile" option. The selct your country flag option, I can confirm, Also shows on registration too.
** SAVE **

Then, In your Admin Control Panel (ACP)...

ACP -> Styles & Templates -> Style Manager -> <<>> -> Postbit Templates -> select the template that you use (ie Postbit or Posbit_legacy) – This is for the Postbit_Legacy…


You don't have permission to view the code content.
If you would like to place it under your number of user posts (to the right of your Postbit) then look for:

You don't have permission to view the code content.
(upto vB4.0.5) ADD BELOW:

You don't have permission to view the code content.
(for vB4.0.6 AND 4.0.7) ADD BELLOW:

You don't have permission to view the code content.
(Also adds the Username to the 'alt' Code on Mouseover).

(for vB4.0.8):

You don't have permission to view the code content.
(for vB4.1.0 , 4.1.0 PL2 & 4.1.1)

You don't have permission to view the code content.
Even though I have not tested this in these versions, others have and have reported this mod to be working in them.

Please make sure the style and template edits are still there. Just one of the people can be seen on post 350

** Replace the ‘X’ with your FieldID number **
** Replace the ‘Red Text’ with Your Forum Address **

** SAVE Template **
Likes: maskman39
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