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CC CryptoHub: Coin Launcher | ICO System | MultiCrypto Wallets | CryptoExchange | Payment Gateway 1.2

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Sold on the main site
69 $

One click Cryptocurrency coin Maker and Launcher, ICO , Cryptocurrency Market Capitalisation, ICO listing Site, Multi coin Wallet, and Merchant Payment gateway. You can now launch your own cryptocurrency coin and token with one click. Designed with profits in mind, simple easy pricing ensures that you get paid in time.

About CryptoHub
CryptoHub is the Most advanced Cryptocurrency web application Ever. Cryptocurrency creation, crytocurrency market market capitalization, real-time cryptocurrency quotes, Ico listing, Cryptocurrency Wallet, Cryptocurrency payment gateway, Coin information, historical and intraday charts for coins. 200 coins already added. You can add more!!

With CryptoHub – Cryptocurrency Business Solution Your next Cryptocurrency, ICO , Wallet, Paymentgateway , Tokens Listing, ICO listing, Cryptocurrency Marketpcap is Just a click away

CryptoHub application features
  • One click coin Launch Yes , You and and your users can have a cryptocurrency in one click. No programming , No genuis. Point & Click !, Period
  • Two Modes: Saas Or ICO mode. You can create an ICO website just for your cryptocurrency, or you can allow others users to create Tokens and run ICO and charge for this.
  • Fully MONETISED. You can Sell all the crypto services in the SAAS (Multi-user) mode..
  • Multi-currency. 115 fiat currencies are supported. Website admin can can set the default display currency.
  • Crypto Wallets. For the first time EVER You can create a fully functional wallet for any crytocurrency.(of and in the Ethereum Platform), Including your new coins!!
  • Online Payment Gateway API. YUP. Beta payment gateway API is included, so online merchants can start recieving payments with your coin right away!
  • Everything PHP and serverside. All the wallets are managed serverside and written in PHP. No need to install GETH or Parity Node. Install and use system. will even work on shared hosting!!!
  • Transactions Push Notifications. All tx updates are pushed to users via desktop nofication!!. When they recieve or send your coins or any coin using the wallet
  • Monetised ICO listing and Marketplace System.Start an ICO listing website. Review coins and make money by charging users to list thier ICO. Allow users to sell their ICO tokens in your platform and charge for this
  • Historical charts. Line / bar / candlestick charts are available for each coin. Charts can display both intraday and daily historical performance as well as historical volume data.
  • Coins comparison. Historical performance of coins can be compared against each other.
  • Detailed coins information. Summary, website, key numbers, historical quotes, twitter timeline feed is available for each coin.
  • Affiliate links. Make extra money from buy / sell affiliate links, which are placed on the individual coins/ICO page.
  • Responsive Design. Website displays beautifully on laptops, tablets and mobile phones.
  • Installer. Easy installer to get you ready in no time.
Why choose CryptoHub?
  • Made to be easy. No technical knowledge required.
  • Technical support is at your service to resolve any potential technical problems.
  • Constantly updated and upgraded. to meet demand. We accept feature requests
  • Built on Laravel. Means Better security, Easy to extend and customise
  • The application is built using modern technology stack and in accordance with best programming practices.

System requirements
Please ensure the following are installed on your server.

  • php 7.1
  • curl
  • mcrypt
  • php7.1-mysql
  • php7.1-gmp
  • php7.1-bcmath
  • php7.1-xml
  • php7.1-mcrypt
  • php7.1-curl
  • php7.1-json
  • php7.1-mbstring
  • php7.1-gd
  • php7.1-intl
  • php-gettext
  • ssl certificate
A documenation HTML file is included with the documenation directory. Installion and setup instructions are contain therein. Online Version.
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