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[DBTech] DragonByte Member Map

xF2 Add-on [DBTech] DragonByte Member Map 2.3.5

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Update highlights

This version makes changes to the way API lookups are handled in order to protect against invalid responses from APIs.

The new privacy-focused API calls made the response data more susceptible to invalid data being parsed, but hopefully these changes should resolve that permanently.

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Change: Add protection from invalid responses from various API lookups
Update highlights

This version fixes an issue where a server error could be generated when the GeoIP lookup fell back to using the "Web Service" rather than the GeoIP functions or the GeoIP2 database.

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Fix: A server error could occur when falling back to a webservice lookup
Update highlights

This version improves compatibility with core XenForo features by supporting the "HTTP Proxy" feature in XenForo. This feature is used by certain sites that may be the target of harassment / DDoS attacks, to mask the true IP of the server.

When making calls to 3rd party websites, such as MaxMind to download the latest GeoIP database, those HTTP calls would expose the true IP of the server.

For this reason, the HTTP calls in this product have been updated to support the HTTP proxy. Going forward, all DBTech products that make calls to 3rd party APIs will support the HTTP Proxy feature where possible.

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Change: Changed the way API calls are made, in order to support the HTTP Proxy feature in XenForo
Update highlights

This version fixes an issue with saving the "Opt out of member map" setting when attempting to save it via the Privacy page.

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Fix: The "Opt out of member map" setting did not save on the Privacy page
Update highlights

This update changes the way the available pins and heatmap images are loaded. The "Cluster" map icons are now loaded from a sub-directory of the styles/DBTech/MemberMap/directory.

Furthermore, any PNG image added to styles/DBTech/MemberMap/ (not the sub-directory) will now be available for selection as a user group pin image. In short, you can upload custom images!

If you see the heatmap icons available as user group pins, delete the m1.png through m5.png images from the above directory.

Complete Change Log

Feature: Any PNG image in the /styles/DBTech/MemberMap directory can now be used as a map pin in the user group settings
Change: Moved the "cluster" images to a sub-directory
Update highlights

This update features mostly back-end only changes, updating the Composer autoload method to take advantage of a new feature in XF 2.1 for improved performance and reliability.

There have also been various other back-end only changes to fix compatibility issues with XenForo 2.1.

Complete Change Log

Change: Now utilises new composer autoload method in XF 2.1 for improved performance and reliability
Change: Updated various HTTP requests to match the changes in XF 2.1
Change: Updated geoip2/geoip2 to v2.9.0
Because of a backwards breaking change in XenForo 2.1, and because I plan to take advantage of new features only available in XenForo 2.1, the next version will require XenForo 2.1.

The update will not contain any additional user-facing features or changes.

The current version will NOT work with XenForo 2.1. A blocking issue has been identified with XenForo 2.1:
  • Certain Cron jobs will not work due to a change in the back-end code that powers XenForo (A.K.A. "The Guzzle Change")
The issue has been fixed in an internal build that will be released A.S.A.P., once I am confident enough there are no other blocking issues.
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Update highlights

This version contains a significant usability update: You no longer have to manually install the GeoIP database!

The GeoIP database responsible for looking up your members' IP addresses is now automatically kept up to date at regular intervals, and updated every time you install or update the product.
The PHP files responsible for interfacing with the GeoIP database is also kept up to date whenever you update the product.

As a result of these changes, the "GeoIP2 path" setting has been removed as it's no longer necessary.

Due to feedback we've also added an option to disable the new "pin clustering" feature.

Lastly, we've added an install-upgrade.json file in preparation for compatibility with the [TH] Install & Upgrade add-on.

Complete Change Log

Feature: The GeoIP database is now updated automatically
Feature: Added an option to disable pin clustering
Change: The GeoIP PHP library is now kept up to date automatically
Change: Removed the "GeoIP 2 Path" from the settings
Change: Add install-upgrade.json
Fix: Fixed max zoom error
Update highlights

After a lengthy Beta period, this mod is now considered stable enough to be flagged as Gold!

For those upgrading from v2.0.x, this version has also received back-end updates to improve the stability & reliability of the GeoIP lookups. You will need to wait for the cron job to run through all users again, though, or run it manually.

For those upgrading from an earlier v2.1.0 beta / RC build, this version adds a new clustering feature for pins, as well as improves mobile device compatibility.

Complete Change Log

Feature: Pins that are close together are now clustered
Fix: The user information window is now accessible via click as well as mouseover (mobile device fix)
Update highlights

This release fixes an issue in which the "Minimum posts" setting was being ignored.

Complete Change Log

Fix: The "Minimum posts" setting was being ignored when deciding who to display on the map

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