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DBTech - Forum Live Feed & User Wall [PRO]

Nulled VB4 DBTech - Forum Live Feed & User Wall [PRO] 1.2.6pl1

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Forum Live Feed & User Wall lets you see a continuously updated feed of activities on the forum, with a powerful set of customisation options for sources of information.

If you've wished for a Facebook-like feed for your forum, this mod is for you. With advanced privacy configuration options and configurable preview options for each content type, this mod compliments other modifications like InfoPanels and produces a more detailed and verbose feed of the happenings on the forum.

Major Features
AJAX-Powered Live Feed: Get a feed of every action your members perform via a dedicated page or the Forum Sidebar (Forum Sidebar exists only on vBulletin 4.x)

Content Preview: Get a small, configurable preview of the content in question (for instance, first 300 characters of a new post).

Advanced Privacy / Settings: Configure privacy settings and display settings per content type, controlling who can see your content as well as whose content you see.

Complete Feature List

  • Forum Sidebar block type (vBulletin 4.x only)
  • Preview in Forum Sidebar (vBulletin 4.x only)
  • Ability to turn off IMG tag parsing on both main pages (all versions) and Sidebar (vBulletin 4.x only)
  • Status updates (from Forum Sidebar (vBulletin 4.x only) or the Live Wall page)
  • Content types for nearly all forum actions:
    • Posts
    • Threads
    • Avatar changes (Only if Avatars are stored in the file system!)
    • Signature picture changes (Only if Signature Pictures are stored in the file system!)
    • Username changes
    • Social Group discussion
    • Social Group discussion replies
    • Status Updates (From this mod)
    • vBLive Status Updates
    • vBArcade Scores
    • [DBTech] Advanced Post Thanks / Like: Button clicks for Posts
  • Nobody / Registered Users / Contacts Only / Friends Only display options for each content type to control who you see feeds from
  • Nobody / Registered Users / Contacts Only / Friends Only privacy options for each content type to control who can see your feeds
  • Automatically refreshing via AJAX at controllable intervals

  • Recent Entries page with more entries displayed, no auto refresh
  • Ability to "favourite" stories and view them from their own page
  • Comments system
    • Comment count in the main feed with link to comment thread
    • Ability to post comments in the comment thread
    • AJAX refreshed comment threads
    • Ability to delete your own/others comments with usergroup permissions
  • Content types for nearly all forum actions:
    • Blog Posts
    • Blog Comments
    • User Notes
    • Visitor Messages
    • Profile Pictures
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