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DBTech - Postbit Tabs [PRO]

VB4 DBTech - Postbit Tabs [PRO] 1.1.3

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Postbit Tabs is a product that uses JavaScript to organise the postbit in a tab-like fashion.

Profile Hover is a product that uses JavaScript to organise the postbit in a tab-like fashion, offering admins the opportunity to slim down their postbits and give it a more Web 2.0 look.

It's a powerful tool for any admin who feels their postbit has become cluttered by various modifications' additions, and who wish to regain control over how their postbit looks.

Our advanced View Manager allows admins to directly copy/paste HTML code as it's found in vBulletin templates - no special syntax is required.

Major Features
Clean Postbit: Allows you to clean up your postbit and segment them into different "tabs", reducing the total size of your postbit.

Integration with DBTech Mods: Most DBTech mods that add statistics to the postbit will automatically create "Views" for themselves in PBTabs, letting you move them to tabs with no manual editing.

vBulletin Template Syntax: Creating custom Views is possible via the normal vBulletin template syntax. If you've added custom code to your postbit, Postbit Tabs will accept it.

Complete Feature List
  • Allows Admins to create new Tabs
  • Allows Admins to create new Views
  • Copy/Paste normal vBulletin template code into views
  • Automatic integration with [DBTech] Advanced Post Thanks / Like
  • Automatic integration with [DBTech] Advanced User Tagging
  • Automatic integration with [DBTech] vBActivity
  • Automatic integration with [DBTech] vBShop
  • Fully working with Private Messaging and AJAX Quick Reply.

  • Persistent Tabs - The last selected tab becomes the default tab on next page load
  • Ability to Import / Export a complete configuration
  • Ability to disallow certain usergroups from seeing a tab
  • Ability to disallow certain usergroups from seeing a view
  • Ability to import a pre-made set of Views
    • [DBTech] Advanced Post Thanks / Like - Thanks Stats
    • [DBTech] Advanced User Tagging - Tagging / Mentions Stats
    • [DBTech] vBActivity - Achievements
    • [DBTech] vBActivity - Activity Stats
    • [DBTech] vBActivity - Awards
    • [DBTech] vBShop - Gifts
    • [DBTech] vBShop - Points Dislay
    • vBulletin - Facebook Profile link
    • vBulletin - Last Activity
    • vBulletin - Last Post
    • vBulletin - Last Visit
    • vBulletin - Latest Blog Entry
    • vBulletin - Latest Thread Posted
    • vBulletin - Online Status
    • vBulletin - Reputation Info
    • vBulletin - User Information (Join Date / Posts / Age / Location)
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