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DIY xf mega menu with image

xF2 Guides DIY xf mega menu with image

Compatible XF Versions
  1. 2.0
  2. 2.1
  3. 2.2
NB: You will need a very little rudimentary html and CSS knowledge for this. Also you'll need to be familiar with the xenForo navigation manager.

This is a beta. There are known issues, e.g. the code that creates the hover on dropdown stops...
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  • Screenshot 2021-04-02 at 13.46.06.png
    Screenshot 2021-04-02 at 13.46.06.png
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  • Screenshot 2021-04-02 at 13.49.15.png
    Screenshot 2021-04-02 at 13.49.15.png
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  • Screenshot 2021-04-02 at 13.55.12.png
    Screenshot 2021-04-02 at 13.55.12.png
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  1. Bugfix

    3 April 2021 Added the PAGE_CONTAINER edit required to give a navigation item its own class