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Nulled VB4 e360 User's Social Links 1.2.1

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Works on 4.1.10 and above

This will add a 10 users social networks links and icons in the MemberAction Dropdown , Members list and Profile Block. The User's links are only viewable by the user groups you choose. Two Social links are pre-loaded Facebook and Twitter and are non-editable, but you have the option to turn them on or off. You can edit the other 8 social links to your choosing. Admin Can Also edit user's social links in the AdminCP > Users > Search For Users > Show All Users > View /edit User. User edit there Social links by settings > edit profile.

To install:

1. BackUp Your DataBase
2. Upload e360mods to your forum root
3. Import XML file (as product) through AdminCP > Plugin System > Manage Products > [Add/Import Product]
4.Go To > Settings > Options > User's Social Links > Now Setup the social link
5.Go To > Styles & Templates > Style Manager > Style Variable Editor / (The Style Of Your Choosing)
6.Go To > e360_Users_Social_Links and add your pics file names in the link or links you activated in User's Social Links add a Profile Icon pics file name and Dropdown Icon pics file name
To upgrade:

Same as install just the images folder has change to the following

For Dropdown: Your for root > e360mods/social_links/images/memberaction_dropdown

For Profile: Your for root > e360mods/social_links/images/profile_icon

MemberAction Dropdown Icon - has to be 16px by 16px
Profile Icon - you can edit them to the size you want in the Style Variable Editor in e360_Users_Social_Links default is 23px by 23px that will fit all 8 Image links in one row or you can do 48 by 48 two rows of four Image links or you can make custom images and put in you own dimensions to your own liking
Pre-Loaded Images - facebook.png , twitter.png , youtube.png , googleplus.png , linkedin.png and myspace.png Profile Icons are 48px by 48px
Dropdown Images Location - Your for root > e360mods/social_links/images/memberaction_dropdown <---- Images in here have to be 16px by 16px
Profile Images Location - Your for root > e360mods/social_links/images/profile_icon
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