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Exbita - Cryptocurrency Exchange Script. Exchange bitcoin, cryptocurrency exchange, exchange ERC20

Nulled Exbita - Cryptocurrency Exchange Script. Exchange bitcoin, cryptocurrency exchange, exchange ERC20 2.2.2

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Prepare your ads and lay an ambush. As soon as a coin start trending, create the market for the coin and launch the market starter. Start your ads.

You will soon have a good number of users if you do this for trending coins. No other exchanges can react to this trending event as fast as you without having Exbita and the market starter. As you will be able to open any market from 1000+ coins and fill it instantly with the market starter.

Watch Market Starter Demo Video on Youtube

IMPORTANT: Beware of nulled and duplicate versions of Exbita on other markets and don’t get scammed. We are an exclusive author at Envato and we don’t sell our cryptocurrency exchange script anywhere else.

Released UPDATES:

1. Exbita 2.0 supports BTC, ETH + ERC-20, XRP, Monero, Litecoin, Dash, ZCash, Bitcoin Cash, and more +1000 coins

2. New Market Screen. Live demo Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Demo - Exbita

3. New Home Page. Live demo https://demo.exbita.com

4. New Wallets Page Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Demo - Exbita

5. New Referral System Page Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Demo - Exbita

Work in progress:

1. Stop Limit Orders
2. Entering buy/sell order in percentage with a scroll indicator
3. TRON (TRC-20) Node Integration
4. Market Starter Script
5. Mobile App

Client Requests (Community Vote to include new features to our Roadmap)

- Integrate Bank Gateways
- Credit Card Gateway
- Margin Trading
- RTL Support
- Ticket System
- Announcements Module
- Coin Swap
- P2P Trading
- More themes
- Depth Chart
- Report section
- Internal Transfers (transfers without Network Fee)
- More Nodes
- SEO Module
- TradingView 1m, 5m, 15m, 30m candles
- Third-party service for KYC automatic moderation


- Bitcoin & ETH (ERC-20) Nodes (other coins supported by Coinpayments)
- Ethereum & ERC-20 tokens
- Listing own ERC-20 tokens
- Unlimited Markets
- Coinpayments Integration
- User-Friendly Design
- SPA Structure
- Organized Admin Panel
- Mobile Responsive Design
- Home Landing Page
- Unlimited Exchange Markets
- Market Statistic
- Order Book
- Referral System
- Realtime Trading
- Realtime Notifications
- Market and Limit Orders
- Realtime Blockchain Synchronization
- Manual Deposit and Withdrawal Approval Mechanism
- KYC Verification
- 2FA Authentication (Google Authenticator, SMS)
- TradingView
- Theme Editor
- Multilanguage
- Site Branding
- AWS S3 and Local Storages
- SMS Provider
- API Documentation
- User Guide
- Trading API
- Crypto-to-crypto trading
- Crypto-to-fiat trading

Trading API​

Exbita provides a fully documented Trading API for developers to integrate their 3rd party mobile apps, payment systems, trading engines, exchange scripts, Bitcoin & Ethereum Merchants, crypto rating platforms (e.g., CoinMarketcap, Coingecko), etc. with a scoped access level, so users can get full access to all available API methods or set up limited access only to the specific part of the system.

Available API methods:

  • get markets
  • get single market
  • get market orderbook

  • get currencies
  • get single currency

  • get orders
  • create orders (both market, limit orders)
  • get single order

User Wallets:
  • get fiat wallets
  • get crypto-currency wallets

Please check our API documentation to get more information.

Installation & Documentation​

- We provide free installation.
- The Support Help Center is available at Exbita Help Desk Center
- Online Documentation at Exbita Docs
- For all features visit our homepage at Cryptocurrency Exchange Script
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