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Icewind Tangled Two

xF1 Add-on Icewind Tangled Two 1.0

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Compatible XF Versions 1.x
1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5
This add-on installs two new forum permissions: Reply to threads by self, and Reply to threads by others, see SS.

The reason I created this add-on is because my live site has a forum dedicated to character bios and I do not want any replies to started threads by members in that forum, unless it is by that member.

As the installer installs two new permissions in the database, it is recommended that you back-up your database before installing.

During installation the registered user group (#2) has the two permissions set to the post reply permission setting.

-if a usergroup has the post reply not set (or revoked) the above two permissions are not checked for.
-these two permissions do not have any effect for creating a thread, it is for replying to existing threads.

Possible Uses (Im sure there are others):
-if you have a forum where you want only the topic starter to be able to reply to their own threads, just revoke the Reply to threads by others permission. This would also give sponsors their own thread(s) to promote or offer deals in without worry of negative replies, spam, etc.
-if you have a forum where you allow a disgruntled member to state his/her case against an action a moderator may have made you may want to revoke the Reply to threads by self permission so the member does not dig a deeper hole for themselves (but they can read the responses).

If you have a forum where you want only the thread starter to reply to their own threads, and you revoke the permission from the registered group for that forum, be sure to set the moderators permission for that forum to Allow (if you want to that is).

standard install, see included readme.

standard. Both permissions will be removed from the database. Be sure to delete this add-ons directory from your library.

This add-on can only be installed if downloaded from xenforo.com or skullport.net, and can not be re-distributed or re-transmitted in any way without the consent of the author.
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