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xF2 Add-on Install and Upgrade 1.1.1 Patch Level 2

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Compatible XF Versions 2.x
2.0, 2.1

Install and Upgrade
Make installing and upgrading themes, add-ons, and languages on your site easier.

Automated update checks
This add-on will automatically check for updates for all your add-ons, themes, languages and even XenForo.

Sign on with your ThemeHouse or XenForo profiles
You are easily able to connect your ThemeHouse and XenForo account within the administrator so that you are in sync with any updates that come up. From there, when there is an update available you can simply install it without the fuss of logging in multiple times.

URL, FTP or Product Lists
Easily install add-ons or upgrade them with the product URL or those that are listed on the product list.

3rd-Party Add-on Support
We allow third-party add-on creators to write their own handlers so that you are able to add their profiles with Install and Upgrade. Then you can effortlessly install or upgrade their add-ons as well.

Features Include:
  • Upload a ZIP file from your computer or from a file on the server
  • Check whether add-ons are outdated
  • Install or upgrade any of your styles before choosing which xml you want
  • Easily view what ThemeHouse (using your API key) or 3rd-Party add-ons you want to install or upgrade
  • Install or upgrade different languages that you have on your forum
  • Allow or disallow the functionality to disable your board when the install & upgrade process is being performed
  • Can be extended to work with custom shops as well
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Latest updates

  1. Version 1.1.1 Patch Level 2 released!

    Bugs fixed: Assorted template fixes
  2. Version 1.1.1 Patch Level 1 released!

    Changes & fixes: Disabled bulk add-on installation via URL Fixed assorted template errors...
  3. Version 1.1.1 released!

    Additions: Added DragonByte product handler. Bugs fixed: Fixed a bug that would attempt to...