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iThemes Security Pro

WP iThemes Security Pro 6.2.0

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New Feature: Integrate Passwordless Login with WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, and Lifter LMS.
Enhancement: Add filter to "Lookup IP" link.
Bug Fix: PHP warning when inserting lockouts.
Bug Fix: WooCommerce Shop Managers were unable to verify their Two-Factor Mobile App code via their WP-Admin profile.
Bug Fix: WordPress 5.3 compatibility with Passwordless Login.
Enhancement: Add confirmation button to Passwordless Login or One-Click Two-Factor when on a different device than you started with. When Trusted Devices is active, include information about the device the login will be processed on.
Bug Fix: Fix Passwordless Login release notice not being dismissed due to a REST API route that was more narrowly defined than necessary.
Bug Fix: PHP Warning while logging interstitial updates.
Enhancement: New iThemes Sync Verb support for File Change.
Tweak: Add additional information about the login attempt when calling the Network Brute Force API.
Bug Fix: Ensure Dashboard classes are always loaded.
New: iThemes Security Admin Notices are now conveniently located in the new Security Messages Menu. Check your notices in the Security menu on the WordPress Admin Bar.
Enhancement: Add filters to customize the available Two Factor providers for a user.
Enhancement: Add a dismissible warning if iThemes Security isn't licensed.
Tweak: Remove "pin" link from a Security Profile when that profile has already been pinned.
Tweak: Remove 'DELETE' method from "System Tweaks -> Filter Request Methods"
Tweak: Minor UI and a11y improvements to the Security Dashboard.
Bug Fix: Load new dashboard widget on Multisite network admin dashboard properly.
New Feature: Introducing the iThemes Security Dashboard. See a real-time overview of the security activity on your website with this dynamic dashboard. Turn it on by activating the Security Dashboard module.
Enhancement: Add loopback IP detection to Security Check.
Enhancement: Add define "ITSEC_DISABLE_TEMP_WHITELIST" to disable the Temporary IP Whitelisting for logged-in administrators.
Tweak: Only run Remote Messages API on Pro versions.
Enhancement: Allow for selecting the particular Proxy header a server is configured to use. Improve the language to indicate the importance of configuring this setting. H/t Filippo Cavallarin CEO at wearesegment.com
Tweak: Delete a user's device fingerprints when their account is deleted.
Bug Fix: Ensure you can save Two-Factor when "Trusted Devices" is disabled on a new site.
Enhancement: Add schedule options to the "Grade Report Change" email.
Bug Fix: Don't send "Grade Report Change" email if the grade is reverted back to the original grade during the waiting period before sending the notification.
Bug Fix: Plugins were deactivated when updating through Grade Report.
Bug Fix: REST API Protection blocked the Taxonomies route for all users.

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