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Lazy Load [img]

xF2 Add-on Lazy Load [img] 2.1.4

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Compatible XF Versions 2.x
2.0, 2.1
Additional Requirements
php 5.6+
Require Client Browsers to be at least IE9, Firefox or Chrome.
Provides lazy loaded image support via the Lazysizes

A zero query method for per user-group lazy loading of the and [attach] tags in threads and conversations.

Uses a noscript tag around the original img tag.

Option to force lazy loading of contents in a spoiler tag.


Adds the permission:
[*]Enable Lazy Load Images
For "Forum Permissions" and "Conversation Permissions" sections.

[ATTACH type="full" alt="22688"]22688[/ATTACH][/B]
[*]Enable Outside threads/Conversations
[*]permits the lazy loading bbcode injection to run outside of those contexts. Inside those context it will still respect permissions.
[*]Force Lazy Loaded Spoiler

[B]Unveil effects[/B]
Add styling to your theme for the classes: lazyload, lazyloading, lazyloaded.

[B]Fade in[/B]
[CODE=css]/* fade image in after load */
.lazyloading {
opacity: 0;
.lazyloaded {
opacity: 1;
transition: opacity 300ms;
[CODE=css]/* fade image in while loading and show a spinner as background image (good for progressive images) */

.lazyload {
opacity: 0;

.lazyloading {
opacity: 1;
transition: opacity 300ms;
background: #f7f7f7 url(loader.gif) no-repeat center;
[B]Known issues:[/B]
[*]Doesn't work with XenForo Resource Manager.
[*]Doesn't work with XenForo Media Gallery.
First release
Last update
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Latest updates

  1. 2.1.4 - Bugfix update

    Compatibility fix for older browsers where lazy loaded images just do not load Fix that...
  2. 2.1.3 - Bugfix update

    Fix javascript error in thread on-hover preview
  3. 2.1.2 - Bugfix update

    Fix that "Force lazy loaded spoiler" would result in spoiler'ed images failing to load for users...