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Mailster - Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress

WP Mailster - Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress

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fixed: single quote in subject now correctly encoded
  • improved: you can now encode tags output with an exclamation mark {!mytag}.
  • improved: drag n drop images from your desktop now respects cropped image setting.
  • improved: import screen.
  • improved: test mails now fallback to the current users email if not defined.
  • improved: subscriber query now search for ID as well.
  • fixed: notifications to multiple addresses.
  • fixed: modules without content sometimes preserve in the campaign.
  • fixed: issue with RSS campaigns on time based autoresponders.
  • fixed: wrong subscriber count if status “pending” in subscriber query.
  • fixed: cumulative count calculations.
  • fixed: redirecting issue with spaces in URLs.
  • updated to latest coding standards
  • code refactoring
  • change: dummy image service domain
  • improved: option to exclude taxonomies in dynamic tags
  • improved: forms no longer use native validation
  • fixed: remember usage tracking opt in setting
  • fixed: correctly redirect after campaign duplication
  • fixed: images from dynamic random post type in autoresponders
  • fixed: subscriberID is now correctly populated in confirmation messages
  • fixed: deprecated embed option
  • new: Use over 900K photos from Unsplash
  • new: RSS to Email Campaigns.
  • new: Random Post Tags
  • new: Campaign-Subscriber related tags
  • new: Custom Dynamic Post Types
  • new: additional Form shortcode attributes
  • new: Fresh UI
  • new: Translation Dashboard Info
  • improved: Preserved stats from deleted subscribers
  • improved: Mailster now stores your email address when you send a test
  • improved: Import Export
  • fixed: height attribute of image tags were not always respected.
  • improved: tag replacement handling
  • improved: list order in overview
  • improved: queue handling of time based auto responders
  • improved: query for dashboard widget
  • improved: sql query
  • fixed: array_map warning in wp_mail wrapper
  • fixed: honeypot was pre-filled on Google Chrome with autofill
  • fixed: Some tags where not displayed on notifications
  • fixed: Gravatar changes on third party apps were not respected
  • fixed: error if location database is missing
  • fixed: tags in links causes a protocol removal
  • fixed: smaller issues
  • improved: better support for maislter_subscriber of third party apps with wrong data type
  • improved: show stats on campaign overview if heartbeat API is disabled (no live reload)
  • improved: better handling of inline styles for subscriber buttons
  • disabled: honeypot mechanism to prevent Chrome browsers to fill out the honeypot field
  • fixed: manage subscribers with no list assigned included users within a list
  • fixed: some JS issues on IE 11
  • fixed: IP addressed not stored on form submission
  • fixed: not able to remove attachments
  • fixed: wp_mail not working if receivers is not an array
  • fixed: webversion tag was not displayed if campaign hasn’t been saved yet
  • fixed: redirection issue if baseurl contains query arguments
  • fixed: button is no longer available on the unsubscribe form with single opt out
  • added: get_last_post now includes subscriber and campaign id
  • added: option to enable custom tags on web version
  • fixed: prevent style blocks moved to body tag
  • fixed: buttons no longer get removed after click on cancel
  • fixed: Outlook conditional tags were removed
  • fixed: body attributes added via codeview are now preserved
  • fixed: small bug fixes
  • improved: better error handling on export
  • improved: more info for list confirmations
  • added: bulk option to confirm subscriptions
  • added: {lists} tag is now working in confirmation messages

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