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Minorin - Standard (non-WYSIWYG) editor toolbar

xF1 Add-on Minorin - Standard (non-WYSIWYG) editor toolbar 1.0.0

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Using the same toolbar system as TaigaChat, this addon makes the standard (non-WYSIWYG) editor more practical by adding a toolbar for inserting BBCode and smilies.

The same customisable system from TaigaChat is used, allowing you to add custom BBCode buttons as you see fit.


  1. Upload contents of upload folder to forum root
  2. Install addon_Minorin.xml file

Past Changelog:

0.0.5 (12/12/2011):
  • Optimised smilie loading (now uses cache)
  • Fixed smilie ordering
0.0.4 (11/12/2011):
  • Fixed compatibility with XenForo 1.1 (css sprite smilies etc.)
  • Fixed double toolbar on quick edit
  • Added template hook to replace the template edit previously required
0.0.3 (12/02/2011):
  • Fixed compatibility with all other instances of the editor, including edit signature and other addons.
0.0.2 (06/02/2011):
  • Fixed inline editor support.
  • Fixed full editor support with WYSIWYG disabled.
  • Semi-fixed inline conversation editor support with WYSIWYG disabled (need to focus textarea before toolbar appears).
0.0.1 (06/02/2011): First public release
First release
Last update
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