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xF2 Add-on Node Icon 2.2 Beta 3

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Remove bug in addon instalation whitch lead to crash on any node icon set
Support for XF 2.2 style, addon was redone.
  • this version of addon for XF 2.2 only (tested on 2.2.2). For older versions check history (on resource page, on top, overview/update/reviews/history/discussion). Version from Sep 23, 2020 works fine on 2.1 and 2.2 RC
  • node icons store on own table. migration success from lastest released version. if you had no it yet, please update to version from Sep 23, 2020 first, or uninstall addon. all you'll lost are just few setup (backups alarm!). migration made for looking for last released tables structure, that one from fix after 2.2 RC become public.
  • due changes in XF 2.2 file structure of addon changed too. if you have access to FTP, delete old addons folder before copy this version. nothing should be affected, but cleanup a bit.
  • add more options for node icons. now you can set icon/image/custom code for any known for me node type, for it's read and unread states, for hover over read and unread node icon and wrap origin or custom node into some css class. For avoid complicate styling, icons in node menu have no hover interaction
Same as before, addon based on TMS, but after generic forum types introduces in XF 2.2, idea of addon bit changed. From XF 2.2 different forum types have own hardcoded icons not it style, as before, but in engine code. Node Icons now is an extension over that system (more complex than before), with overwrite single nodes icons. I can't be sure and you must not be sure too about it will work for you without any problem. You are free to edit addon or it's parts. Addon polished on default style, and custom style with few visual changes. Custom icons mimic native icons style, but if your forum theme have style hardly overwrited, you need to make custom codes for fix paddings. Ask question about inner details if you have any. And let me know if you catch bugs

Also I want to remind you have a backup before update. I give no any guarantee it will works perfect for you. Addon made for own project, i prepare it as good as i can, but this is amateur's addon

P.S. Be careful with fontawesome styles (far, fas, etc) on use fa icons on nodes. On submenu icon class affect whole menu row, so use fas bold style will break you visual image of menu
Patch for support Xenforo 2.2 Release Candidate 2
  • Fontwesome icons inherit correct style, if pass icon name with style. Example: 'fas fa-lightbulb' should show exactly solid version of icon, even if xenforo settings haveother fontawesome weight on board
Support for different icons when node have unread messages.
If define only 'node icon' - it using for both watched/unread node state.
If define only 'unread node icon' - it using only for node with unread messages. For node without new content using origin xenforo's icon or defined from your style.
If define both - for node without new message, using 'node icon', for node with unread messages using 'unread node icon'
Fix fa icon submenu, remove fa icons shadow
Support for image/svg icons and custom html/font icons.
For custom iconic fonts you need have css styles for this font

Origin style example:
Custom xenforo style example:
Node edit:
Just few changes for keep addon actual. I not sure it will works fine for 2.0.x branch, but might be

Important: change nodes icons you using to 'fa-xxxx' form.
  • Fix Category icon definition
  • Show icons in nodes sublists too
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