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VB4 [OzzModz] Ignore User In Postbit Dropdown Menu 1.1.1

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This is a simple and better way to display an option to ignore a user in the postbit (or postbit legacy) memberaction dropdown menu. You can choose which usergroups can see this feature.

This will not show up in your own posts, since you can't ignore yourself.

It is a simple installation, upload the files in the UPLOAD folder, then import the product XML, product-ozzy_ignore_user_mad

You can edit the options under the settings, [OzzModz] Ignore User Settings

Complete Feature List
  • Option to disable the mod completely.
  • Option to select which usergroups can see this in the postbit.
  • Option to choose which usergroups the "Ignore User" will not show up on.
  • Option to choose which userid's the "Ignore User" will not show up on.


v1.0.0 Initial Release.

v1.0.1 Fixed a issue with perms not working in the PM dropdown menu.

v1.0.2 Fixed a issue with the ignore showing up in your own menu, and solved a potential conflict with other mods.

v1.0.3 Fixed a issue where it would not show up on some sites.

Bug Fixes And Issue Fixes:
  • Really fixed the issue with it not showing on some sites.
  • Fixed a issue where some sites might get a warning like this, "Link node ozzy_ignore_user_mad.css should be moved to the document head in Bla-bla-bla

Changes To Existing Features:
  • Added a stylevar to control the path to the "X" image.
  • Added a folder to upload that contains the "X" images, one for light skins, and one for dark skins.

Additions To Product From Feature Requests Or Just Something Else Added:
  • Added a option to select which usergroups the "Ignore User" will not show up on.
  • Added a option to set which userid's the "Ignore User" will not show up on.

v1.1.1 (March 12, 2015)
- Version checking now done on OzzModz.
First release
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