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phpFox Pro 4.7.6 Nulled + Pro Plugins

Market phpFox Pro 4.7.6 Nulled + Pro Plugins 4.7.6

New Features / Improvements

IDItem Description
1Support change privacy when sharing feed
2Show notice message about "missing First name/Last name" at the first step of Multi-step Registration form
3Support Report option for Feed with a link
4Have pagination for ban section (#2643)
5Search filters aren't kept after moving to the next pages of the search result (#2661)
6Have an option to search exact language phrases in AdminCP
7Able to hide feed item and user's feed items
8Support multilingual for Egift title
9Improve layout of feed items for better display
10Upgrade parsing link library

Bugs Fixed
IDItem Description
1When splitting first and last name, form validation does not work properly (#2634)
2Show error when clicking on Resend verification mail in Browser Users page of AdminCP
3Wrong encoding characters when adding some links on feed (#2670)
4When requesting new password - Send the wrong link if the phpFox site is deployed in sub-folder
5An invitation has wrong display name of invitees.

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