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It’s been a while and we’re back to announce the official release of phpFox web version 4.8.11. This version not only resolves minor issues but also adds some significant updates that you can’t miss out on. Let’s find out what they are and upgrade your phpFox version to experience them!

New Features & Improvements

In this version, we have developed a few features and updates that will totally improve your overall experience.

Support multi-language for Page Title​

One of the most significant of this update: Now you can add many other languages for the Page Title.


Increase quality when uploading large photos​

This is also a big improvement in this version since your large-size photos will be of higher quality than before when uploaded to the activity feed.


Other improvements​

A few other improvements in the 4.8.11 web version include:

  • Send notifications to users when getting promoted to a new user group
  • Update the language of users to the default language when their current language is deleted
  • Improve API response handling from phpFox Store in AdminCP
  • In the Recently Active page: Allow the admin can set the number of people who will be displayed on this block
  • Support showing the friend suggestions when users use the mention feature (@) on the feed or comment
  • In the Photo Album listing page: Support “Feature album” action in the mass actions

Bugs Fixed​

  • Fail to connect to the phpFox Store in AdminCP > Apps > Installed
  • Users cannot view others’ Profile & Info tab unless having permission to view that user’s activities
  • The text “Recently Active” appears on the Browse Users page after searching for members
  • When adding a new phrase, the max length of text input is limited
  • When clicking on the Gender field on a user Profile Info page, it redirects to the page where the filter search on Gender is “Any”
  • The tagged users don’t get notifications when someone likes the post
  • The deleted sticker is still showing on the home page
And more in our Release Notes here

Upgrade to phpFox 4.8.11​

The package of phpFox 4.8.11 is available for you to download in our Client Area. To upgrade your phpFox site to version 4.8.11, you have to run the full upgrade routine following our Upgrade Instructions.

We highly recommend you back up your site and database before proceeding with the upgrade. And, don’t forget to check with 3rd-party experts about the compatibility of all the apps/templates you are using.

❗ Note: If your phpFox site is using 3rd-party apps or has customizations, please see our recommendations.

🔑For the new phpFox installation, the following articles will be helpful to you:


Installation Guide

👉Find more details in phpFox web version 4.8.11 Release Notes and the Changelog.

Don’t hesitate to submit tickets or report immediately to our
GitHub Tracker or Client Area for any issue. We appreciate any feedback and idea to make phpFox better!
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We’re beyond excited to tell you that phpFox web version 4.8.10 is finally here. All of your feedback and concerns had been heard and looked into. Hence, this update is what our team has been working on these past few months to bring you a better experience and the most satisfying improvements.

Here, we’ll summarize what key highlights you need to know about the web version 4.8.10 and give you full instructions on how to upgrade smoothly.

Major Improvements

This phpFox web version update focuses on providing a smoother User Experience and improving some features to make it easier for community admins and users to operate and interact.

Add progress bar when user uploads cover photo​

Now when uploading a new cover photo, you will see the progress bar showing how it’s going. This improvement seems minor but it will definitely make the cover-uploading process feel fluid and smooth.


Add option ‘Send Now’ for the scheduled post​

Additionally, for the scheduled posts, you will have an option to send posts immediately. This means you can decide to post instantly after having scheduled a post on your feed.


Support multiple languages for ‘Main content’​

Guess what’s even better in this update? With the Multi-language function, you can now customize the “Main content” section in your preferred languages! It’s a great way to tailor to those whose primary language may be different from the primary language currently on your website.


Include ‘Phone Number’ option in the Ban filter​

Besides Usernames, Emails, IP Address, and Words, now we add up one more powerful filter, ‘Phone Number’ to the Ban Filters. As a result, this addon segment will help the administrator better manage the community by removing users with phone numbers.

Edit user profile​

  • Add asterisk on required custom fields
  • Missing required fields – All messages should be shown at the same time
– In order to upgrade your phpFox site to phpFox 4.7.8, you will need to run the full upgrade routine as our Upgrade Instructions.
– Please don’t forget to back up your site and database carefully before starting the upgrade.
– We highly recommend temporarily disabling all 3rd-party apps during the phpFox upgrade to avoid unexpected issues.
– And, you should check with 3rd-party experts about the compatibility of all the apps/templates you are using before enabling them then.
– For phpFox sites having customizations in Core source, you can refer to our recommendations.
– It is necessary to note that new versions of the Material template, Photos, Events, Marketplace and Music apps which have been recently released are only compatible with phpFox 4.7.8. Thus, you can upgrade them along with phpFox 4.7.8
Having any issues or Looking for help? Please feel free to submit tickets or report immediately to our GitHub Tracker or Client Area.
What’s next?
We are super excited to inform that our team has been working really hard on new interesting phpFox apps: Chat Plus and Live Stream.
Generally, with Chat Plus app, on top of basic instant messaging features, your members will be able to make group chats with friends, have audio/video call with not only a friend but also multiple members simultaneously in an online conference.
The Live Stream app will allow users to make videos and broadcast them in real-time. Live-streamed videos are also recorded as normal videos on your social network for members to view again later.
These functionalities are so significant and popular for successful online communities. That’s why our team have been putting many efforts to analyze and develop them. These apps are under testing progress at this time and will be released to the public in the 4th quarter of 2019. Certainly, they will support both the web version and phpFox mobile apps. We are going to have sneak-peek of these apps very soon.
Moreover, according to our development plan, the phpFox Mobile app will be upgraded with the new mobile version 1.6 between the releases of these new products.

We hope that you are interested in the new release as well as what we have been working on. Since we are looking forward to hearing your feedback, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and share your thoughts.
New Features / Improvements
1Add a setting to support hide block on certain devices (mobile, tablet and desktop)
2Include info of expiration date into a ban notice message. (#2693)
3Add a new setting to enable/disable Hide feed feature (#2711)
4Able to add the User Friends block to any pages (#2712)
5Encrypt sensitive data of site configuration stored in the database.
6Support "Report, Edit" action options in the Feed Detail page
7Multi-step Registration - Validate fields of Re-enter email address and Confirm Password when submitting step 1
Bugs Fixed
1Content of notification email is bold unexpectedly
2Status with link is not updated after edited
3When sharing friendship feed item, the Sharing feed item displays incorrect info
4Single line break containing URL is not displayed on a separate line in photo description for pages #2685
5In Check-in feed, the map doesn't display in the wall of the person mentioned
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New Features / Improvements

IDItem Description
1Support change privacy when sharing feed
2Show notice message about "missing First name/Last name" at the first step of Multi-step Registration form
3Support Report option for Feed with a link
4Have pagination for ban section (#2643)
5Search filters aren't kept after moving to the next pages of the search result (#2661)
6Have an option to search exact language phrases in AdminCP
7Able to hide feed item and user's feed items
8Support multilingual for Egift title
9Improve layout of feed items for better display
10Upgrade parsing link library

Bugs Fixed
IDItem Description
1When splitting first and last name, form validation does not work properly (#2634)
2Show error when clicking on Resend verification mail in Browser Users page of AdminCP
3Wrong encoding characters when adding some links on feed (#2670)
4When requesting new password - Send the wrong link if the phpFox site is deployed in sub-folder
5An invitation has wrong display name of invitees.
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Bugs Fixed
IDItem Description
1Profile URL of username having dots is wrong (#2597)
2Reset button in Search doesn't work if disabling "Can search for users based on their age using the browse filter?" setting
3Global search doesn't display to guests on Bootstrap template
4Feed isn't reloaded after a user deletes a status post
5Pages/Groups admin cannot find users that changed their username or name (#2610)
62 links posted on different lines of a status post is displayed as a single line on a user's wall (#2614)
7User profile popup is partially hidden below screen (#2615)
8Missing tooltips of Edit icons on User dropdown menu and Profile Photo/Cover
9Cannot update Check-in location in a status post
10Hashtag - Apostrophe breaks incorrectly in content (#2609)
11'Maximum Length for Full Name' setting checks incorrectly when using non-English letters (#2621)

New Features / Improvements
IDItem Description
1External link warning - Show popup instead of going to a new page

Changed Files
You can review the list of changed files on this version on phpFox Github
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New Features / Improvements

IDItem Description
1Update phrases for Friend module
2Separate info of Age and Relationship with a dot (.) on the User Profile page
3Support CKEditor on Contact Us form
4Display warning popup when a user is redirected to external links
5Increase the complication of auto-generated passwords
6When editing status and tagging more friends, make the Update button inactive after clicking on
7Can edit status having Photo/Video included
8Can fitter by online users when browsing Users on front-end
9Can edit status having Link included

Bug Fixes

IDBug Fixes
1In the Browse Members page, "Can search a users gender using the browse filter?" setting isn't applied
2User can view status with a link posted in Pages in spite of having no permissions
3User can view a status having a link included in a Secret/Closed group although haven't joined the group yet
4Group's admin still need approval when he/she posts status having a link included in his/her own group
5When a group owner posts a status having a link in the group, having an error if using "Posting as" option
6"Disable All External Emails" setting in Spam Assistance doesn't work properly
7A user can view all status with a link without having view privacy.
8In User profile page, Add to Friends button still display after sending a friend request
9In Manage Ads page from AdminCP section of Ads app, all ads don't display after clicking on "Clear All Caches" button
10Status with a link on a page still displays after removing.
11Links added by CKEditor can't be opened in new windows although configured
12Layout issue when viewing User Profile page on Microsoft Edge
13Have an issue with displaying custom fields on the User Profile page (#2584)
14Have 500 error when installing phpFox with database username or password contains '$0'
15User can add a comment without verifying reCaptcha (reCaptcha V2 + V3)
16The content of email notification still shows variable (#2576)
17Layout issue on Poll feed item having long answers
18ACP - Subscriptions - Comparison - Feature name doesn't display fully when editing a plan comparison
19Fix grammar on phrases
20Not all friends are suggested when tagging or mentioning friend on feed
21Status option isn't updated after sending or confirming friend request.