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Proxy Link-Forum

xF2 Add-on Proxy Link-Forum 2.1.6

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  • Compatibility fix for ElasticSearch Essentials auto-complete when Gift Upgrades is also installed
  • XenForo 2.2.4 compatibility update
  • Fix destination forum view checks where not always performed before displaying information from that forum
  • Fix destination forums would not always be considered for quick search or via the "Search sub-forums as well" feature
    • Inject if a link forum is a proxy in the node list & node permission list
  • Fix incorrect elasticsearch query generation when (multiple) proxy link forum and target node are in the same search expression
  • Fix template error when viewing forums
  • Fix error when a proxy link forum is configured to proxy a non-existent forum
  • Fix N+1 query behaviour in XF2.1
  • Fix that a proxy-forum would not display stats or generate URL's properly
  • Fix "Error: Call to a member function getNodeListExtras() on null " when add-on has been miss-configured
  • Add icon
  • Prevent mixing protected/public when extending entities