Referral Contests 2 by Siropu

xF2 Add-on Referral Contests 2 by Siropu 2.2.12

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Added "top referrers" widget option to display top referrers from certain contests.
Added IP in referrals list in ACP linked to the list of users that might have used the same IP.

Fixed a potential error with referrer custom field.
Error on duplicate user detection when no referrer is available.
Added user criteria "User has registered using a referral link".
Added option to apply referral link to social media share icons.
Added a "custom" reward type that can be used for digital and physical prizes.
Added native XF support for "Enable copy to clipboard button" option.

Bugs Fixed
Using member profile as a referral link will change the referrer if the visitor views the profile of a different member after viewing the original referrer's profile.
Using the option "Display invitation message to referral" with "Use profile page as referral link" will not display the message on the first page view.
Added spam cleaner options to remove referrer and referrals. Requires the new user group permission "Use the spam cleaner to remove referrer/referrals".
Added admin option to select user groups when creating invitations from ACP. The registered user will be added to those groups upon registration.

Bugs Fixed
Issue with invitation code autocomplete on registration page where the field gets cleared up when you try to manually paste the invitation code.
Fixed an issue with unconfirmed user table primary key index.
Added user option (permission based) to create invitations manually.
Added "Invitations per month" user group permission.
Users with unconfirmed accounts won't count as referrals until they confirm their account.
When creating invitations as admin for a different user, that user will get an alert about it.

Bugs Fixed
Integration issue with DB Tech Credits latest version.
Issue with sending invitations in some situations.
Issue with sending admin alerts when a referred user required moderator approval.
Uninstalling not removing custom user field.
Other code issues.
Top referrers widget has now two modes: Compact (default) and one with bigger avatars and referral count under the username.

Top referrers widget referral count now links to the referral list for both all time stats and for the current month.

Bugs fixed

Top referrers widget incorect referral count for current month stats.

Integration with DB Tech Credits addon causing error on older PHP versions.
  • Added support for XF template syntax in contest description.
  • Added support for {username} and {boardTitle} placeholders in email message.
  • Added option to enable referrer input autocomplete on registration page.
  • Added option to disable the custom referral link generator on referral tools page.
  • Added email autocomplete on registration page for referral email invitations.
  • Added widget positions in both contest list page and contest view page (above and below) so you can place the referral link and tools widget there if you want or other widgets.
  • Added contest widget option to enable/disable the referral tools block footer.
  • Added referral link widget option to enable/disable the current page referral link display.
Added option to display top referrers widget (all time or monthly via widget settings).
Added option to enable guest message for guests that have been referred/invited by a member.
Added option to enable referrer field on registration page.
Added option to set an expiration date for invitations.
Added admin option to set custom expiration date for manually generated invitations.
Added admin option to generate invitations for a different user.
Users can now send email invitations without option "Make board invitation only" enabled.
Added user criteria option for referral count.
Widgets can now be enabled/disabled from admin options.

Bugs Fixed
Pagination limit was set to 2 on the referral list.
Other code issues.

Note: To prevent logging errors, disable add-on before starting the upgrade process. If you are using this add-on as invitation only, disable board until the upgrade is complete.


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