Report Improvements by Xon

xF2 Add-on Report Improvements by Xon 2.18.3

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  • Fix new installs not assigning all report queue permissions to default moderator/administrator user-groups correctly
  • Fix installer would throw an error if a report for a post had it's thread hard-deleted
  • Fix new report comments alert where not fully anonymized when Alert Improvements was installed
  • Fix reaction alerts for report comments could be partially anonymized when they shouldn't
  • Fix internal server error when a warning with a title > 255 characters was issued
  • Fix error blocking deleting a warning when the content it was linked to has been hard-deleted
  • php 8.2 compatibility update
  • If installed, require Search Improvements v2.6.0+
  • Support Search Improvements v2.7.0+ search term display
  • Fix editing another user's report comment would change the user of that report comment
    • The permission for this was not granted by default to any group
  • Fix being unable to set "Maximum non-moderator users who can handle reports" to zero
  • Fix some report centre permissions (view/edit/view attachment) where not assigned to moderators on install
  • Harden the new-install code path of the installer to only add report queue permissions to the stock Moderator/Administrator groups if they have the dependent permissions, not any user-group which may have moderator only permissions
  • Add CLI command "sv-dev:export-report-users" to export non-moderators for a report
  • Fix report assignment list would not include non-moderators who had been allowed the "view report queue" and "update report" permissions at the report queue level (when Report Centre Essentials is installed & active)
  • Fix possible misleading "Potential miss-configuration detected. X users have access to handle/update this report via permissions" being logged
    • This is the result of the report assignment list could include non-moderators who had been denied the "view report queue" and "update report" permissions at the global level.
    • These users could not see, be alerted by or interact with the report, they where just being added to the dropdown as being assignable. Actual permission checks prevented them doing anything with the report they could potentially be assigned to.
  • Fix missing column default causing errors when the add-on is disabled
  • Fix out of date add-on option phrase
  • Fix reporting users from the approval queue
  • Work-around for buggy report data when indexing reports