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xF1 Add-on RSS Extended 1.0.3

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This add-on extends the core RSS functionality by adding the following options for the global RSS stream as well on forum specific RSS Streams.
  • Choose between displaying snippet previews from the first or the last posts of each thread in the RSS feeds.
  • Choose if the URLs in the RSS stream should lead to the first, last or first unread post in each thread.
Without this add-on, the XenForo RSS stream will only display a snippet from the first post of each thread listed. The links in the RSS stream will always lead to the first post. While letting the reader of the RSS stream know that there has been an update in the thread, it won't show what's actually new.

Settings are made within Options->Threads, Discussions and Conversations

I have a few more ideas of further options to add for this add-on in the near future so be sure to watch this resource. (Please use the link above)

Branding removal
This add-on is free but comes with a small branding in the footer. If you want to remove the branding you can do so by a donation. Any amount above $0,01 is completely optional and completely appreciated. After donating, please PM me for branding removal instructions.

Donating gives you the right to remove the branding from one installation on one forum.

Thanks! :)
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