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s9e Media Sites

xF2 Add-on s9e Media Sites 2.3.27

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This is a minor cosmetic update.
Also, embeds displayed in XFMG are kept to their original dimensions unless they're exactly 640 ✕ 360.
Added support for its new name GameClips.io
Also removed defunct site CollegeHumor.
New uploads are embedded via a native HTML5 player.
Old uploads still use the Flash player. Vocaroo doesn't seem to have an upgrade path for those.
Added support for Spotify podcasts.
Removed defunct site PlaysTV.
You don't need to upgrade if you don't use a proxy for outbound requests.
An option has been added to remove the limits on the dimensions of regular embeds such as YouTube's. Instead of being limited to 640 × 360 pixels, they will occupy as much screen space as possible. This does not apply to dynamically-sized embeds such as tweets and embeds with a custom aspect ratio.

The option is disabled by default.
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