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Search Improvements

xF2 Add-on Search Improvements 2.3.1

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  • Improve MySQL range-search support for Report Improvements warning points search
  • Require XF2.1+
  • Rework "Allow empty search" support, support for XF2.1.8+ features and also XF2.1.0+
  • Add missing phrase for admincp user change log
  • Do not apply content weighting which skips content types for content type specific searches
  • Fix search breaking when a user could see all forums, and setting content weighting was set to 0 to exclude that content type from search
  • Setting content weighting to 0 now excludes a content type for all sort orders, not just relevency
  • ElasticSearch v5 compatibility fix for content type weighting in search results
  • A content type weighting of zero now correctly excludes that content type from results
  • Fix that * was injected for member-like searches
  • Fix content weighting values being clamped to 0 or 1
  • Fix "Allow empty search" to work as expected without ElasticSearch Essentials installed