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Nulled Sendy - Email Script 5.1.1

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  • Added the latest Bahrain Amazon SES region in addition to the current N. Virginia, Oregon, North California, Ohio, Ireland, Mumbai, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, Sydney, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Stockholm, Canada and Sao Paulo regions. Please note that you’d also need to manually enable this region in your Amazon SES console if you want to use this region in Sendy.
  • Changed %G to %Y when using strftime() to determine the year where applicable as %G may produce the wrong year at the end and start of the year. This solves issues where monthly quotas may reset prematurely or not reset as expected.
  • Fixed a bug caused by the previous update where selecting 'On campaign sent' or 'On autoresponder email sent' when creating a new rule stops short of showing the next option.
  • Fixed ‘Grand total’ not being visible in dark mode when logged in as a brand user
  • Removed mention of Sendy in segments page for white labelling
  • Updated geolocation database
  • 🌙 Dark mode!

    Sendy now has a dark theme! You can now set the interface of Sendy to a dark appearance by clicking a button in the footer or setting it in your main settings. Or use a keyboard shortcut Ctrl+g to toggle between dark and light appearance. Visit the new online demo to try it out!
  • 🔗 Rules & Webhooks!

    You can now setup 'Rules' to trigger webhooks, send notification emails, etc when something happens. For example, setup a rule to get notified by email when a scheduled campaign starts sending. Or, trigger a webhook when the last autoresponder email in the series is triggered.

    Try it in the demo →
  • ⬇️ Import segments from reports directly into lists!

    With a click of a button, you can now directly import subscribers from a campaign or autoresponder report into new or existing lists for users who did not open, opened (or opened from any particular country) or clicked at least one link (or any particular link), in addition to exporting any group of these subscribers as CSV. This makes it easy to send future email campaigns to subscribers who interacted (or did not interact) with your email(s).
    For instance, you can easily import people who opened your campaign into a new list with one click. Then send another campaign to the same lists, but this time, use the 'Exclude' feature to exclude the list that contains people who already opened your previous campaign - essentially sending only to people who 'did not open'.
  • 🗄 Segments for Autoresponders!

    You can now set Autoresponder emails to trigger for certain segments only. You can also ‘exclude’ any segments from receiving your Autoresponder email.
  • 💌 Improvements for Autoresponder!

    Send test emails for any autoresponder email. Or duplicate an autoresonder email to speed up creation of your 'Drip campaign' email series.

    Also, you can now use pre-existing templates when creating new Autoresponders just like 'Campaigns'.
  • 🏆 Updated Brands page!

    Updated ‘Brands’ page with useful quick link buttons to frequently visited sections, including a a quick link button that displays the open rate of the latest campaign as well as linking you directly to the report.
  • 🥧 New pie chart in subscribers page

    New pie chart added to subscribers page to show percentage breakdown of subscribers with different statuses (active, unsubscribed, unconfirmed, bounced & marked as spam)
  • When saving ‘Campaigns’ and ‘Autoresponders’, you now have a new option to save the campaign or autoresponder as a template as well.
  • You can now search past campaigns from the ‘All campaigns’ section.
  • You can now export CSVs of subscribers who did not open or click any campaigns ever sent to them from the ‘Housekeeping > Inactive subscribers’ section, in addition to deleting them.
  • You can now enable or disable ‘opens’ and ‘clicks’ tracking when creating a campaign via the API.
  • New animated loading icon
  • Added ‘Plain text version’ support for templates. You can now populate the ‘Plain text version’ when creating or editing a template.
  • Prevent the browser from autofilling Google's reCAPTCHA fields when editing brand settings
  • Turn off autocomplete for fields in main and brand settings to prevent browser from filling in incorrect data without the user’s knowledge
  • Zapier integration now uses curl instead of file_get_contents for all API calls for maximum compatibility with different server configurations
  • urlencode email passed into the ‘Unsubscribe confirmation URL’
  • urlencode 'name' and 'email' for custom subscribe success URL variables
  • Unsubscribe page now says ‘You’re unsubscribed’ instead of ‘Email does not exist’ if the email address exists in the list but is unsubscribed
  • Removed borders for dropdown menus for a cleaner look
  • Added helpful tooltips when hovering over segments and autoresponders number labels in ‘View all lists’ page
  • Updated JQuery to version 3.5.1, CKEditor to version 4.14.1, Fancybox to version 3.5.7 and Highcharts to version 8.1.2
  • Fixed form field validation in the main settings page
  • Fixed footer not displaying properly in the main settings
  • Updated geolocation database
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  • You can now export ‘Suppression list’ and ‘Blocked domains’ as CSV
  • More helpful information when setting up ‘Custom domains’
  • ‘Unlicensed custom domains’ domain error no longer shows when invalid license key is stored in the database
  • The QR code generated for 2 Factor Authentication now uses the current Sendy installation URL’s protocol (Thanks Kilian Valkhof)
  • The ’Subscription status’ API now returns ‘Bounced’ and ‘Marked as spam’ even if the email address was ‘Soft bounced’ before. (Thanks Alessandro Serena)
  • Updated geolocation database
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Send newsletters 100 times cheaper
Sendy sends fast multi-threaded emails through Amazon SES for just $ 1 per 10,000 emails. Free yourself from paying for expensive email campaigns and forget about the limits set by your host, and at the same time enjoy high speed delivery. Best hit for your buck!

Beautiful reports
See the results of each campaign and answering machine in a beautifully formatted report. Visualize openings, clicks, bounces, complaints and countries with charts and data. You can export subscriber segments from your report for repeated targeting.

White Accounts Customer Accounts
Manage multiple products or services? With Sendy, you can organize them into groups or, as we call it, “brands”. If you wish, give the customer access to his brand and allow him to send newsletters on his own at the price you set. You can even set monthly sending limits and configure client privileges.

Automate marketing by setting up a series of emails in drip campaigns to automatically track subscribers at your specified time intervals. Or send emails annually or one email on a specific date. Keep your subscribers involved and your brand on top of their minds.

List segmentation
Research shows that sending emails to targeted segments can increase interest in email, as well as increase revenue by more than 25%. Sendy allows you to create segments for any list based on any conditions you define. Select segments and / or lists to include or exclude from your email campaigns to optimize results.

List and Subscriber Management
Manage and segment lists and subscribers easily with Sendy. Bulk import / delete subscribers, custom fields, single / double subscription, custom subscription / unsubscribe confirmation page, thank you letters / letters bye, subscription form or API for adding users (takes a deep breath), you name it!

Custom fields
Create custom fields to store more than just “name” and “email”. You can not only store more information about your subscribers, but also use them to segment lists or personalization tags in your newsletters for a more personalized perception.

Handling bounce, complaints and unsubscribe
Keep your lists clean without too much effort, as responses, complaints and unsubscribes are automatically processed in real time after sending your newsletter. There is no need to perform manual cleaning after the campaign, just sit back and watch how the report on your campaign unfolds.

Third-Party Integration and Zapier
Sendy integrates with many popular applications such as Wordpress, Magento, Joomla, etc., thanks to third-party developers. Sendy also works with Zapier, an automation service that allows you to integrate Sendy with over 1000 applications in the Zapier application directory!
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