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[fixed] Some small bugs​

[fixed] AMP Page XF2.1 CSS
[fixed] Some other small bugs

[add] "Minimal Thread" Option: Custom Notice
[fixed] AMP Page: Noindex issue
[fixed] If a thread is set to NoIndex, it will no longer send an AMP link.

[add] Option: Disable "Google Analytics" for these user groups
[optimized] AMP Page: CSS reduced by over 20kb
[fixed] AMP Page: google analytics
  • [add] AMP Page for Threads
  • [add] Default settings for forums
  • [add] Option: JS merge
  • [add] Option: remove quote Links or set noindex for quote Links (guest)
  • [add] Function "Minimal Threads"
  • [add] Opption: Enable Minimal Threads
  • [add] Opption: HTTP Status Code
    • [add] Opption: Maximum words to be displayed
    • [add] Opption: Active in the forums
    • [add] Opption: Info that the user has to log in
  • [fixed] for the "alt" was no space
  • [fixed] If an OG:Image was set manually for a Thrad it was ignored.
  • [fixed] Merge JS Files optimized
  • [optimized] Minify HTML optimized
[add] Now u can change Attachment Filename after Upload
[add] Exclude Sticky Thread

[fixed] Vulnerability when combining SEO2 and Lazy Loader 2.0.4 plugins
[add] Option: description length customizable
[fixed] better recognition of IMG bbCodes​

[fixed] OG:image / Wrong OG image was displayed
[fixed / changed] Forum edit: meta Title/Description moved to the wrong SEO area
[fixed] Googlenews: Date
[fixed] Googlenews: Language
[fixed] Googlenews: structure
[fixed] OG:image / Wrong OG image was displayed
[fixed] Options: Change "Meta Thread Title" to "Meta Thread Title Format"
[fixed] "Meta Thread Title Format" If this field is empty now, XF Default Thread Title is used.

[add] Googlenews: Image
[add] Robots: NoIndex/NoFollow for Thread Views
[add] Robots: NoIndex/NoFollow for Thread with zero reply after X Days

[changed] Forum edit: meta Title/Description moved to the SEO area
[add] Own Thread: Change Meta Title
[add] Own Thread: Change Meta Description
[add] Own Thread: Change Robot
[add] Permission: Own Thread: Can set Meta Description
[add] Permission: Own Thread: Can set NoIndex/NoFollow
[add] Permission: Own Thread: Can set Meta Title
[add] Option "Default Thread Settings": Default OG:image Settings

[changed] Don't show custom_field when empty in "Meta Thread Title"

[fixed] Forum Description Problem
[fixed] Performance optimized
[fixed] Nofollow/Noindex dont works from DefaultThread Settings
[fixed] Count Words
[fixed] Memberpages not exclude from XML sitemap if noindex

[*] Several improvements / design/phrasen improvements
[fixed] Issue with: "DragonByte User Tagging"

Sorry :(
[add] Thread: Change Twitter:Card Type
[add] Options: "Meta Thread Title" CustomFields in the Meta thread title
[add] Options: Forum Meta-Title
[add] Options: Default Thread Settings
[add] NoIndex/NoFollow for Help-Pages
[add] NoIndex/NoFollow for What's New Pages
[add] NoIndex/NoFollow for Login/Register Pages
[add] Meta Description for Login/Register Pages
[add] SEO settings for Node separately

[add/changed] NoIndex/NoFollow for Member-Pages
[add/changed] NoIndex/NoFollow for Forum

[fixed] TMS issue
[fixed] Thread OG:Image
[fixed] TwitterCard issue
[fixed] Same description in threads
[fixed] Setup -> Field 'seo' doesn't have a default value
[fixed/change] Several improvements / design/phrasen improvements!
[change] Since it was misleading to use "disable" for the Robot Settings. Have I renamed this to "XF Default".
[fixed] XSS exploit https://xenforo.com/community/posts/1267756
[change] ReDesign Options now with Tabs

[add] Thread Title lower case option
[add] For the "Meta Thread Title" option add Variable "%all_parent_nodes%" for all parent Nodes

[add] Google News-Sitemap: (http://boardUrl.tld/googlenews.xml)
[add] Create a sitemap from a given forum as a news sitemap for Google
[info] Sitemap must be entered in google news
[info] Only the last threads within 48 hours and a maximum of 1000 threads are entered into the sitemap.

[fixed] Thread Meta Title is ignore
[fixed] Error Moving Threads
[fixed] "Remove all User/Avatar Links for Guests" Option
[fixed] Template Problems
[fixed] Minify HTML
[fixed] Several improvements / design/phrasen improvements

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