Shades of Grey

xF2 Style Shades of Grey 2.2.10

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It was reported that the text was not visible when a solution was selected, so I changed the background and text colors to be more visible. I also changed the background color to green to show greater emphasis.
Nothing earth-shattering here, just a few adjustments and enhancements. I hope everyone had a nice holiday.
  • Fixed an issue with the uFurl sizing on mobile. I also made it slightly larger (as seen below)
  • 2022-01-16_16-49-33.png
  • Changed the hover color on some elements for uniformity
  • Changed the border on some button elements
  • Changed the color of the scrollbar so it stands out more
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  • Added better contrast when Editor is focused
  • Added some minor borders to show missing divisions of some buttons
  • Lightened background (slightly) to reduce what I perceived was a harsh blend transition between shades
  • Compliance update
  • Made Avatar background transparent to better blend with user info background
  • Fixed Editor highlight color to be more easily seen
  • Compliance update to correspond to xenForo version
  • Added "!important" declaration to enforce scrollbars colors
  • This is a xenForo 2.2 compliance upgrade only (nothing new).
  • The style has been exported as an "archive" so no need to "extract" the zip file
  • Simply import the .zip file as is
Shades of Grey is now a single download with the default accent color of "blue".

If you liked the "cream" colored accent style previously offered (or any other color for that matter), simply go to:
Admin CP > Appearance > Style Properties > Shades of Grey > Color Palette > Color 4 and change it to rgb(226, 226, 188) (see image below)

Color Palette.jpg

Also, I've added some additional CSS to enlarge the unfurl image (see examples below), because I felt the image was too small.
You can delete the code in the "extra.less" file if you do not like the change.




Change log:
  • Added missing borders
  • Tweaked tab colors to ensure consistency
  • Returned/replaced orange tab with the green tab on "Blue accent" style
  • Multiple other minor fixes and enhancements
  • Added version numbers to file names for easier recognition
Sorry for all of the updates, but this will be the final. There was yet one more issue I had to fix.
A few changes yet again...
  • I changed the user info block background color to a lighter shade of grey so it would stand out more and be distinct from the message
  • I changed the bottom footer of the login popup menu to a lighter shade to make it look better