Shoutbox by Siropu

xF2 Add-on Shoutbox by Siropu 1.10.1

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Added the option to select which ChatGPT model to use for /ai command prompts.

Note: The previous version was wrongly numbered internally and when you upgrade to this one, you will have to use the rebuild method instead which will work just fine.
Added style property for user mentions where you can style the shout container, text and date.

Fixed a bug with user mention where @ not working when the shout is loaded via AJAX.
When users get mentioned in a shout and they get an alert, it will link to that shout and users will have the option to view 10 shouts before and after the shout they been mentioned in.

Fixed an error on the archive page for users who don't have the permissions to view the staff room.
Added admin option to start chat collapsed for first time users.
Fixed an issue with active user list on the dedicated page where the list will load only when it refreshes via JS.
Added admin option to reset user shout count when shouts are pruned.
Json file used in "Real-time mode" will now be created when the option is enabled, to pass file health check validation.
New Features
Added active user list - Will display a simple list of active users at the bottom of the shoutbox that will refresh every minute.

Added top user list - Will display a list of top x users based on their number of shouts. By default 25 and can be changed from admin options.

Made some changes to auto "loading more shouts" feature to require "View archive" permission.
Allow only admins to ban moderator/staff users.
Added shout action links into a menu.

Bugs Fixed
Fixed an issue where auto loaded shouts have a glitch with action items (edit/delete/ban) on the shouts.
Fixed an issue with lightbox not working with images.
Missing js and styles directories from the zip archive.
This release fixes compatibility issues in XF 2.2.x
Added cookie expiry date for Shoutbox settings.
An active banned user can still post in the Shoutbox if doesn't navigate away from the page or if the user knows the custom page URL of the Shoutbox.

Banned users are still displayed in the banned list.