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xF1 Add-on Showcase 2.5.3

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Showcase is an addon designed for forum owners to provide an interface for their users to showcase items both visual with an image gallery as well as tabbed content for detail information pertaining to each item.
Your license purchase includes 1 year of support and upgrades.
Renewal Information: Current Renewal Pricing
Key Features

  • Nested Categories – Unlimited Nested Categories.
  • Tabbed Content – Each Category can have up to 5 tabs for users to display WYSIWYG information pertaining to the item
  • Custom Fields – Unlimited custom fields
  • Prefixes - Prefix system for filtering Items
  • Tags - Tags system for filtering items by a specific tag
  • Watch Items - Receive alerts & emails when at item is updated, a review is posted or a comment is made.
  • Watch Categories - Receive alerts & emails when a new item is created.
  • Find-new - Displays Unread/Unviewed Showcase items.
  • User Permissions – Decide which users or user groups can use Showcase.
  • Full Category Permissions – All usergroup permissions can be set per category.
  • Image Permissions – Decide how many images and file size of image users or user groups can add.
  • News Feed Integration – User activities in Showcase show up in XenForo's news feed system.
  • Ratings – AJAX rating system for items
  • Reviews – Rate and Review System
  • Alerts – Users will be notified when someone likes their Item or comment and when someone replies to their Item.
  • Fully Responsive Layouts
  • bd Widget Framework - Fully integrated with the Widget Framework. Includes 6 renderers to create widgets.
  • XenPorta - Includes 6 different blocks
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