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[TH] Mark Threads as Solved

xF1 Unmaintained [TH] Mark Threads as Solved 1.0.1

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The purpose

of this plugin has three related functions, each option of the course:

  • A link to mark the topic as solved / unsolved, which adds / removes a prefix.
  • Options a banner on the topic to be resolved, users see more clearly that the topic has been addressed.
  • Options a banner on the theme unresolved thread was abandoned old (age based on last post).
  • Once resolved, the link changes to its text and allowed to revert to settle again.
  • Solve may not have the right to edit, for example. when there is a time limit for them.
  • 4 new terms: Solve / Unsolve theme of self / other. Also, ManageAnyThreads include them anymore (because it allows to modify the theme freely prefix).
  • Links and banners can be above the first article, or the bottom, just above the editor.
  • How is an old topic needed to show the old banner, if enabled, can be configured (days).
  • Both types of banner displays only if the user can see the post in the thread
  • Both types of banner with the installation options to display them only when users watch less than the article x
  • By configuring the prefix only for certain nodes forum, addressing the link (and right) only exists in this node
  • It can be configured if the old banner needs to be active on the forums too little prefix.
  • Templates and phrase starts with sheel_solved
  • No database changes
  • No cost, no brand, license MIT
  1. Create a prefix should be used for the topics to be addressed, ie: text, color, and allows nodes. (Note that ✔ from the screenshot below is not an image, which is a Unicode character. If you want to use it as a prefix, just copy-paste it.)
  2. Upload folder "Sheel" into the library directory / on your host and install the XML file in the ACP.
  3. Go to the options page and set (at least) id prefix there.
  4. Set up a user group rights.
Done. If you want, modifying phrase and template (name starts with sheel_solved).Screenshot: Example link above article settlement might look like (anonymous):

Link below the article:

A prefix may be:

A different configuration prefix:

Solved-banner options, in this case under the article:

Banner option for old threads unresolved:

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