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xF2 Add-on Thread Reply Ban Teeth 2.9.3

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  • Add "Display thread reply banned banner on user's posts" option (default:disabled), only displays for logged in users
  • Extend thread reply ban teeth to cover threadmark index when blocking threadmark related changes
  • Requires php 7.0+
  • Now depends on Standard Library by Xon
  • Confirm XF2.2 support
  • Harden add-on to potential errors during install/upgrade
  • Require XF2.1+, remove XF2.0 support
  • Add an options/addon icon
  • Compatibility fix for User Essentials "* in own thread" permissions
  • Add "Ban Warnings on Thread Reply Ban" option
  • Add "Ban thread reply ban on Thread Reply Ban" option
  • XF2.1 support
  • Update installer
  • Support Threadmarks for XF2
  • Minor code maintenance to confirm compatibility with upcoming "Collaborative Threads" add-on
  • Tweak execution order of class extensions/template modifications/etc to provide predictable ordering
  • Add LICENCE and README.MD to redistributable.
  • Fix edit/delete/like being disabled for non-reply banned users.