Thread Tagging Improvements

xF2 Add-on Thread Tagging Improvements 1.0.8

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Note: Can only be installed on XF2.3, not compatible with 2.2

New version with 2 fixes:
  • Cronjob compatibility with XF2.3 changes
  • Removed unused option and code that triggered page error when using "Tag contains" filter.
  • Correctly escape the SQL for thread tag lookups
  • If an SQL error occurs during Rebuild Job, log it and continue with the next one, instead of crashing/stopping
    • There is an option to disable these loggings under "Other", but we recommend keeping it on and reporting SQL errors raised to us :)
  • Build the URL paths a bit better so the potential pages don't try to reach non-existing pages
There was a bug where we queried the thread title with an ambiguous column name, which works fine as long as no other add-on does a JOIN with another table that has a similarly named column. (e.g. XFA Tournaments addon)

TL;DR; Fixed our add-on to explicitly query for xf_thread.title instead of title so SQL knows exactly which one we want.
  • 2 new advancedoptions were added to allow change of:
    • Max amount of thread titles are loaded at once for processing
    • Chunk size when bulk inserting the collected (up to 50K) words


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  • Don't call the tag-suggest endpoint if tagging is not allowed, should fix @faust problem
  • Safer limits when collecting potential words, hopefully this fixes @vwts problem on the larger forum
    • Batch load 50k thread titles instead of 100K (doubt this is the problem)
    • Batch the bulk insert of potential words 5k at a time, before could do one bulk insert of 50K items.
Moves the Rebuilding of potential words job into postUpgrade() in case that is what makes the entity not behave correctly there...
  • The potential tags page now shows words that consist of multiple words
    • New option: Potential tags max word count, (default 3)
    • New option: Allow stop words in multi-worded potential tags (default false)
  • Options interface improvements
    • Tabbed interface to better group options
    • Button to save + rebuild potential words in sections where it will be needed
  • New advanced option: Regex used to split words
    • The default regex might not fit your language/needs, so it can be overridden if needed.
  • Allow adding a word as a synonym directly from the Potential tags page
  • New option: Improve matching for accented characters(default off)
    • If your forum has content that uses accented characters, this might be useful to turn on.
  • Allow swapping tag and synonym values when editing without it raising a warning.
  • Other minor tweaks to make the UI/UX better.
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Small bugfix in the previous release where it could sometimes collect numbers that would later raise errors in the potential tags page
  • Option to set the tag as a synonym of the target tag when merging tags
  • Support for other character sets than ASCII :)
  • Open add/edit tag pages in dialogues rather than on a new page.
  • When adding/editing/merging/deleting tags, return to the same page you started on
    • The default XF logic is to go back to the first/start page of tags management, which is quite annoying if you are editing tags on e.g. the 3rd page :D
    • To enable this feature fully, the addon redirects filtering/ordering POST requests to the GET-equivalent.. This might not be compatible with other tagging addons, and if you experience problems on the tag page you can disable this feature under the addon options
  • Bugfix for breadcrumbs rendering badly on Cyrillic chars
  • Bugfix to flush synonym-map on add/delete of tags also.
Shoutout to @findozor for reporting bugs and helping with testing of fixes :) 👍

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