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TinyMCE Quattro and its wysiwyg bbcodes

xF1 Unmaintained TinyMCE Quattro and its wysiwyg bbcodes 2.7.2

No permission to download
Version 2.7.2 released
  • Mini parser updated
  • Improve user tagging (thanks to Xon)

P.S: the version 2.7.1 was only published on Github.
Version 2.7.0 released
  • Update to TinyMCE 4.4.1 [ref]
  • [Bug fix] Indent renderer modified for TinyMCE
  • [Bug fix] Default blockquote handler modified to proper handle wysiwyg quotes
  • [Bug fix - with new version of MCE] Table option Width & Height support decimal (ie: 100.12px)
  • [Bug fix] Fix a bug with the mini parser when the same opening parsing character was used several times ; ie: [This is a test].
  • [Bug fix/Optimization] MCE detection modified.
    • Explanation: to detect if MCE is enabled, the CCV ($controllerName, $controllerAction, $viewName) are checked. If a user loads a new page, then these values will change. If the user comes back to the original page, it is unlikely that the MCE will be detected as enabled. This was a problem when the user came back and toggled between the RTE<=>Bb Code editors (some layouts of the WYSIWYG Bb Codes could be lost). A workaround has been found.
  • [Optimization] Guilty Tags option deleted (internal config)
  • [Optimization] Xml installer addon url updated (Thanks to Xon)
  • [WIP] Sedo_TinyQuattro_Helper_WysiwygHtml
    • Still a lot of work to do, I'm not sure I will find enough time
    • Miniparser updated
In this release, I haven't done everything I've planned to do, but several bugs have been fixed, so it worth to publish as it stands. And it will be easier to continue the development step by step.
Version 2.6.2 released
  • [HTML > BbCode Converter]
    • Optimize code to avoid to use too much memory - Thanks to Gates
    • Rephrase the option description
    • You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Log in or register now.
    • Add a new option "HTML > BbCode Converter tags limit"
    • You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Log in or register now.

If you use the 2.6.x version of this addon, please upgrade.

P.S: a new version of TinyMCE is available. I didn't include it in this update because the main goal was to optimize the code to avoid any sever problems.
You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Log in or register now.

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